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    Car Battery suggestions/advice (low usage)

    Morning all, the battery had given up on my S3 (actually think it's the original a MOLL). I've been looking at replacing it with the varta E44 which a few people seem to recommend round here. The question is that now my job seems to be WFH and going forward I may end up only driving my car...
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    S3 Rear coil replacement

    Afternoon, Cars just failed it's MOT with a fractured rear coil. What's the official way of replacing it? I've watched a few videos that show the following way: But if I'm reading the Elsa correctly they show it using a spring compressor. Any ideas the easiest/preferred method? Thanks...
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    Audi S3 (8P) dipstick part number?

    Went to check the oil before a long drive and as I pulled out the dipstick all the plastic disintegrated. Luckily I don't think any fell into the engine. Is the correct part number 06F 115 611 E? Cheers Edit: don't worry found it in the preventative maintenance thread. Knew I'd read it somewhere.
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    Cambelt Change/water pump - anything else?

    The S3 is about to have its first cambelt change (coming up to 5 years old). Is there anything else worth replacing while it's apart? I looked over the other threads and seeing what price people paid and I've rung up 6 Indies and can't find it anywhere near the prices people are quoating. Has...
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    S3 Space saver

    Hi guys, Quick question. After a spare wheel for the S3. Assume I can fit any A3 8P space saver, S3 doesn't have some strange pattern or anything stupid does it? Sent from my SM-A500FU using Tapatalk
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    Trolley Jack advice

    Hi guys, What the best way of using a trolley Jack on an S3. I was looking at the ECS tuning pad things but I've read mixed reviews. Failing that what do people thing of the hockey puck type things with the lip cut out of them? Or if anyone's got any other suggestions I'm all ears. Sent from...
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    S3 Bike rack

    Does anyone know of a good bike rack or even if one fits on an s3 (3dr). I've seen the genuine ones on eBay pop up often but i don't know if they're any good. Sent from my SM-A500FU using Tapatalk
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    Indy recommendation - Herefordshire

    Can anyone recommend an independent garage in Hertfordshire, it's service time. I assume that as long as genuine parts are used the warrenty should stay inntact? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk