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  1. Cruiser89

    VCDS Supplier

    Hey bud, Send me a quick PM when you get a moment and we'll get you all hooked up! Thanks, Tim
  2. Cruiser89

    where to buy

    Hey Scotty, We sell Genuine VCDS Cables. If you want to get one sorted then please PM me. Thanks, Tim
  3. Cruiser89

    Glasgow based Cable purchase & VCDS tweaks for an A6 2014 ultra s-tronic avant

    Hi buddy! Sorry - Been away for Crimbo. Chuck me a PM and we'll get you sorted when I'm back in the office on Monday! Tim
  4. Cruiser89

    GoPro Love

    So if you're just using the standard GoPro case it can mule the sound. It would be better if you used a skeleton back or a full skeleton case but then remember not to go zooming through small rivers :P Yep, we always mount the microphone by the exhaust with a wind **** which is why you can hear...
  5. Cruiser89

    GoPro Love

    Go for a Fat Gecko one :)
  6. Cruiser89

    GoPro Love

    So some may know that I'm pretty keen on the GoPro but recently upgraded my arsenal... I used my mate's A45 AMG and made the below videos. Was all shot using a GoPro 3, GoPro 4, External Microphone and a variety of mounts. Was mainly an excuse to try Final Cut Pro! Now the first video, the...
  7. Cruiser89

    Enabling TPMS for A3 S3 8V *Experimental*

    Post number 60 by ChiYoung pal :)
  8. Cruiser89

    Glasgow based Cable purchase & VCDS tweaks for an A6 2014 ultra s-tronic avant

    It depends on your vehicle really... Most sub sections on this forum have a specific VCDS Tips section, best to look in there :) Tim
  9. Cruiser89

    Glasgow based Cable purchase & VCDS tweaks for an A6 2014 ultra s-tronic avant

    Hey bud, To be honest quite a lot of new people to the Audi world get a VCDS cable but feel the same but there is so much help out there on the internet. We sell quite a few cables on here and include a get started guide that we made up to help you get going. Main rule though is if you do...
  10. Cruiser89

    ETKA request

    Here you go bud... Think this is right!
  11. Cruiser89

    Vcds purchased from advanced in car.

    I've just PM'd you back on your previous message... You'll see a notification right at the top of the website on the right hand corner next to your profile picture.
  12. Cruiser89

    Kerb view dipping function - can this be retrofitted?

    So i'm pretty sure it can be activated (Believe @monopole has done it) But the reason why you are finding it going back a little higher is because you have no memory function in the car. Aka Memory seats. It uses this system to store your preferred angle. I must admit I haven't seen many Audi...
  13. Cruiser89

    That port in the armrest storage - What does it do?

    Remember that you'll probably always get best sound quality from an SD Card as it's a digital platform with no data flow restrictions, so if you have a 320kbps file then it will play at that level. Apple restricts the data flow I believe to 256 which is AAC. AMI is handy and so is bluetooth but...
  14. Cruiser89

    Now that it's raining .....

    They still haven't sorted this?? The 8P was notorious for this. You'd have the window open slightly, go round a corner and you get a free shower.... This is why lots of people went for Wind Deflectors (Noisy things).
  15. Cruiser89

    Reverse Parking Camera - retrofit by AICT

    Audi's official view is that it's not possible to do. Technically any retrofit bar Cruise Control & Tow-Bar is unofficial due to the SVM codes that are available for it. They don't even see Bluetooth as official. Yes you're right, a lot of work went into this retrofit as it's not as simple as...
  16. Cruiser89

    Reverse Parking Camera - retrofit by AICT

    As promised: (No idea why the forum has rendered the splash screen low resolution but will play in HD.....)
  17. Cruiser89

    VCDS Supplier

    Chuck me a PM fella and I'll let you know :D
  18. Cruiser89

    Audi Connect Problem - any suggestions?

    I know on our You'd think that the A3 being one of the most advanced Audi vehicles at the moment that an on-screen pop up would say that you have turned Data off when trying to access the connect (which requires data) much like smartphones do...
  19. Cruiser89

    VCDS Supplier

    Hey bud, Whip me over a PM and we'll get you sorted!! Tim
  20. Cruiser89

    VCDS cable purchased from Advanced In-Car Technology

    Glad you got those bugs ironed out and got your bluetooth all sorted :) Don't worry about SDS, paid for it on both my old A3 and my new A6 4G and don't ever use it...