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    What’s this valve?

    Sorry , another question, on the top/rear of engine , with cover off there is a valve with vacuum pipe going onto it, On the bottom there is a pipe missing, where does it connect to? Thanks
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    Rear discs

    Hi all, quick question on rear disc size for a TT 225 , measured mine for replacement and they are 239mm vented discs. Replacement ones are 256mm vented or 239mm solid discs. Will the 256mm fit with new pads or are carriers/callipers too small? Thanks
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    Hi all , I am back after 5 years! I’m in Norwich/Norfolk area, and have an 03 plate TT 225.
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    Anzone seen A3 Clubsport Quattro prototype

    As seen in this months Evo mag ,518bhp from 2.5 tfsi engine, 0-60 in 3.6 and 193 mph!! Audi A3 Clubsport quattro previews RS3
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    S3 Saloon tested in EVO issue 192

    Any one seen the test of new S3 Saloon ,it got a bit of a slating to be honest! Must say I like the look of it though.
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    RS Q3 better than a RS3?

    Anyone read the review of the new RS Q3 in Evo mag? They have stated it is better to drive than the RS3, 4,5,6 or 7! Wait until the RS3 section see
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    TPS deal

    If anyone in the East needs any parts/prices from TPS send me a message :whistle2:
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    2011 RS3 61 reg 9900 miles £29995

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    Master blaster and Pimp stickzz

    Any one used these before or can recommend them?
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    Norwich Audi POSTPONED

    Right , looking to organise another meet at Norwich Audi for 28th September or 5th October, which date suits people best. Both are Saturdays. Quite a good turn out last weekend but I am sure we can do better. Parking will be a bit easier next time and in a designated place. (hopefully) 1.Dan 2...
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    Dyno run at Clive atthow's 21st September.

    Posting this on behalf of a forum member, my local Subaru owners club are holding a charity day tto raise money for papworth hospital on the 21st September, it starts with a dyno morning at Clive atthow In Norwich then a B road blast to Shotley for a BBQ/disco/live band and charity auction. We...
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    late notice mini meet tonight.

    Ifanyone fancies meeting up tonight , there is a Dubgeneration meet at Salhouse lodge Norwich NR13 6HD, 7pm onwards
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    VW Whitenoise Norfolk Showground 16th-18th August.

    Whitenoise | Norfolk Showground Anyone going?
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    Norwich Audi Dealer meet, Saturday 24th August 1pm on .

    As above just have to clear date with Dealer/admin. And its my birthday too lol. !. Dan 2. Griffin1989 3. SPARTAN91 4. rizzini7 5. innocence80 6. nogmeg 7 A5sprint 8.Gavyboi 9.Pete
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    Audi ur Quattro rally car

    Looks an awesome bit of kit! It does 198mph as well UR Audi Quattro Turbo Rally Car For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C395385]
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    Meet at Norwich Audi .

    Anyone interested in a meet at one of our local Dealers,any dates that suit people as well. Post your names Dates etc up and we will sort a suitable day out for everyone. Thanks. 1. Dan 2. Nogmeg (after 11th July) 3. SPARTAN91 (Any Saturday) 4 jonno123 5. AudiB7jay 6. ollie2013uk
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    Audi Drivers more likely to stray!!

    New Survey, Audi at the Top Audi drivers 'more likely to stray' | Orange UK
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    BT keeps dropping out after rnse retrofit

    As above coded nav,telephone and instruments and now Bluetooth. Original coding for BT was 0006411 now it is 0011822 for mfsw with rollers and buttons. Problem is the BT connects sporadically to phones saying Audi UHV not connected/found. Any ideas at all?
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    Meet next Bank Holiday Monday 27th May Snetterton

    Anyone interested in another meet over the next Bank Holiday? Possibly on the Monday,as some members could not make Sat/Sun. Any ideas,places to meet welcome.
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    Alive and VDubbin 7th- 9th June Jimmys Farm Ipswich IP9 2AR

    Was a brilliant weekend last year, worth it for a day pas as well. Alive and VDubbin 2013 - Now @ Jimmy's Farm, Ipswich