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    S3. Help car turns over but will not fire up

    Ah ok, If you have the lead you can download the 'lite' software here: Ross-Tech: VCDS: Downloads: Current Release and Manual I was asking because I have a similar issue but it's with a TDI, the clocks will go off when the car is cranked continuously but will not start. My issue is with 2...
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    S3. Help car turns over but will not fire up

    What kind of diagnostic tool did he use? VCDS/VAG COM? Did you get any fault codes?
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    Engine speed sensor (G28) & Crankshaft position sensor location (BKD Engine)

    Can anyone with Elsawin be kind enough to locate the position of these 2 sensors for me please. Garage can't take the car in until Friday and I'm stranded until then :( so if it's a fairly simple job to replace/ check them I'll do it myself. Cheers!
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    Fan still running after car switched off

    Hi Boon, Fair point about the hex can cable... I haven't been about for a bit, Nigel was the only one selling them back then ad he knows I'm a good lad :) I think I can see what your alluding to in the scan, most of the faults seem to be because I've removed the battery or the fuel pump relay...
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    Fan still running after car switched off

    Ok I know this is a common problem with the earlier 8P's and I've read the threads on it being the temperature sender on the block, but my cars issue has a twist to it...... So the cooling fan on the radiator is spinning when the car is off (no key in ignition). It sounds like a jet plane and...
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    My Sportback micro-project

    That paint work came up a treat kinda surprised it came out so well tbh, bet your chuffed with the results. You don't have any turbo issues do you? Like overboosting or sticky vanes, turbo howl?? I ask as the remap will kill your turbo if so, might be in a week or maybe in 6 months time...
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    New Car Pics

    Lovely car mate, keep her safe as Ash says crims love the BE's!
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    Battery Drain

    Hi N8, from what I've been told and read online the bosch silver I have and varta you recommend are the same battery, they have the same specs etc. Cheers for the help though it's all appreciated never the less!! Alright Nige..... The battery was on charge from about 3:30pm to 1am they do...
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    Battery Drain

    I charged the battery using the 'recon ' mode until full.... removed it and charged indoors yesterday and within an couple hours of removing the charger it had goin back down from '7' which is fully charged to '3' which is pretty much dead I've charged it again for few hours this morning...
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    Suzuka Grey MY10 S3

    Oh my! That's by far my favourite Audi colour it's just immense. I see where your going with the baby blue rims and am loving it! Gonna look very sexy bro!!
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    Out with the Old (new) and In With the new 2012

    That orange one was epic tbf, not so fond of the green brake calipers but I gotta say you nailed it otherwise. The new one also looks beautiful, very classy. Your engine bay is also :wub: great work pal
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    Battery Drain

    I haven't fitted anything lately except a hybrid tubro, electronics wise though nothing has changed afaik. Will get the charger tomorrow and get to pulling plugs, fuses re-coding and whatever else is required. I love these forums! :wub: Mucho gracias guys!!!
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    Battery Drain

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the help. Just went to start her up and battery is flat again. NHN the BT module is under the carpet as neatly fitted by yourself... Will I have to get the chair and carpet out to disconnect or is there an easier way to do it. When you say disconnect the radio...
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    Battery Drain

    Been having an issue with my car since Saturday.... Battery was flat as a pancake after a short drive (about 5 minutes) to drop a mate home. Stopped outside for a quick natter switched engine off, when trying to restart the car the battery was having none of it. RAC were called out, gave me a...
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    My A3 Build Thread

    Bad news about the bonnet mate but by the look of those marks it was headed straight for you!
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    Stolen S3 - Manchester area - *caught on video*

    Hope they do catch the scallys indeed, tough luck mate.
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    Stolen S3 - Manchester area - *caught on video*

    Wow! I can't believe this guy has both his doors open like that! Must be fairly common up that way as the lad has a try as if he suspects it to be open.... I don't think you will find many incidents like this in inner London. People have a totally different state of mind down here and half...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Nice A4's guys... Pyeman I think that is the votex kit on riggssuzuki's car, so porbably votex front lip
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    Turbos, power, do's and dont's

    dsg delete?? Everything you will need I have posted in the post I made above with links to the bits that you will need to go beyond 200hp read that post mate