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  1. Boydie

    Part Number: 2014 S3 PCV OEM Breather Pipe

    Mine has a split and there are loads of variations online - anyone able to tell me the p/n for this pipe? Thanks
  2. Boydie

    A3 S-Line/S3/RS3 hatch/sportback roof spoiler

    Guys I bought a RS3 hatch roof spoiler and one of the black corner triangles has snapped. before I look into taking it apart and wait for sellers response, can this be removed cleanly and does it have a separate part number? Thanks
  3. Boydie

    FL Sportback RS3 roof spoiler fit PFL S3 hatch?

    Anyone know? Thanks
  4. Boydie

    Wanted FL RS3 8V Spoiler

    If it fits a PFL hatch, preferably in glacier white thanks
  5. Boydie

    Wanted MQB Eurocode Rear Brace Bar

    Finding it difficult to get one posted from the states anyone have one or successfully got one from USA?
  6. Boydie

    For Sale Precision Raceworks/Revo/Walbro LPFP Stage 3 8V S3/Golf R

    I have for sale my USED LPFP from my Stage 3 Revo S3 8V 2014 It was in my car for 2 years and comes with all fittings and a brand new filter (original filter still attached). My photos are too large to attach to this post so if you are interested, I can PM or text them to you. Based in the...
  7. Boydie

    Parts Numbers: door handle and puddle lights

    Guys Looking to add some lighting to my 2014 S3 - the slots are there in the handles for the lights Thanks :)
  8. Boydie

    S3 HPFP Part Numbers

    Guys Hope you can help - I need to know the part numbers for items 2 and 17 (seals) Thanks
  9. Boydie

    Sunday Reading - Injector Cleaning S3

    A bit of history A few months back I was getting a message up on the DIS that start stop had a system fault (Still get it from time to time) Week after the engine light came on with the following faults: Fuel pump speed to low Fuel pressure too low My S3 is Stage 3+ Revo and I have...
  10. Boydie

    Part Number: Control Unit for Fuel Delivery Unit

    Help please 2014 Audi S3 having low pressure fueling issues - done everything so far and this is next on the list but cant get a confirmed part number, see image below: Could someone please help and identify the part needed for my car - i can pm you my chassis number if needs be I also...
  11. Boydie

    PFL S3 - Start/Stop system fault leading to fuel rail/pump pressure low

    Hey guys Seems to be the first major fault with my 2014 S3 since ownership this last 3 years. Bit of info on my S3 in case you don't know or remember: 2014 47k miles Revo Stage 3+ (important: entire LPFP and HPFP internals changed around Oct 2018) Meticulously maintained etc... Just...
  12. Boydie

    Wanted VWR600 Cotton Pleated Filter - MQB

    Guys Anyone have one for sale? Interested to change from my foam filter Regards
  13. Boydie

    Confirm Part Number for Larger MMI Screen

    Guys Can you please help, what is the part number for the larger screen on the A3/S3? My S3 is a 2014 and has the smaller 5" screen (I think) Is the larger 7" screen this part number: 8V0857273 Also, is it plug and play if replaced? Thanks
  14. Boydie

    TTS/TTRS Wishbones to S3

    Guys This was a mod you'd do on the 8P S3 and recently I have seen some 8V and Golf R owners do this mod. Anyone on here done this? Worth the hassle? Anyone the part numbers? Only a 2kg weight saving from what I have read Thanks
  15. Boydie

    Wanted Genuine Audi/Q5 8R Bike Rack for Roof Bars - WHY?

    Prefer the one where you dont have to take off your front wheel but not overly fussy Anyone have one not being used or lying around after sale of your car? Not interested in one for the back/tow bar Thanks
  16. Boydie

    Wanted S3 8P DSG Gear Stick

    Looking for one to replace mine in my 8V Thanks
  17. Boydie

    Fuel Flap Sticker - S3 95/98 Ron

    Guys Had to replace my fuel flap and actuator on my 2014 S3. The new flap didnt come with the fuel sticker and me being me, I would like to get one Would anything in the know, have a part number for the sticker? @creweaudiparts ? Thanks
  18. Boydie

    Wanted Maxton Skirt Extensions, S3 8V, Gloss Black

    WHY? There is a set for sale on here for a sport back but they will not fit properly. Long shot but does anyone have a set or a set they’d consider selling? Thanks
  19. Boydie

    Wanted 8P S3 DSG Gear Knob

    As above, anyone breaking or fitted one to their 8V? thanks
  20. Boydie

    Air Conditioning Pump

    Guys When I have my AC on, its noisy. I am assuming a pump or bearing or fan is failing so it needs replaced. My mechanic contacted TPS for a replacement pump quote and its in the region of £800+vat :O Been doing my own research and I cannot find anywhere that is selling specifically a...