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  1. Macdoon

    Stage 2

    Hi gang Now I've played about with all my Audis in terms of mods and engine remaps. However my A5 (2.0 Tfsi) is currently on 68k miles so time to spend a bit on remap.. thinking possibly straight to stage 2. Anyone gone down this route?
  2. Macdoon

    For Sale RS5 style mesh grille

    Gloss black, inlcudes gloss black rings. Has the parking sensor fitment. Removable number plate holder. Fits B8.5. £110 plus p&p or collection, deliver locally.
  3. Macdoon

    Oval exhaust tips

    Hi all Would one of you RS5ers measure the width and height of your exhaust tips please have a little project going on. TIA Mac
  4. Macdoon

    Heater not working

    Got in the car yesterday to find the heating is working intermittently. Temperature is up to 90 and stable, pipes supplying the water are both up to temperature! New valve put in, still not working. The flaps sound as if they are operating when switching temp from low to high, fan speed etc...
  5. Macdoon

    Fixed T8UPS

    Hi guys is Trups still about?
  6. Macdoon


    Hi Trups Need Front LED indicator bulbs A5 Coupe 2013 Cheers pal
  7. Macdoon

    Volume control knob broken

    Anyone had this issue, looks like its snapped... Anyone replaces one? Cheers Mac
  8. Macdoon

    LED reverse & front/rear indicator bulbs

    Hi Trups Do you have the bulbs referred to above and available Thanks Mac
  9. Macdoon

    Ice white fogs

    Hi Trups Need a set of your ice white fogs for my A5 B8.5 please Mac
  10. Macdoon

    Mac's A5

    Picked my 'new to me' A5 up today and enjoyed the 180 mile trip home :racer:
  11. Macdoon

    Moving on...

    So the A4 went to a good home today.... time to move on (sad to see it go tho) Picking up A5 Saturday.... happy days Thanks all Mac
  12. Macdoon

    Springs and spacers

    Hi Damian Audi A5 B.5 Sline. Need a price for H&R springs. Would like a 15mm drop on sline. Also spacers 20mm for rear and 15mm for front Cheers Mac
  13. Macdoon

    A5 B8.5 springs

    Hi Trups Can you give me prices on both Eibach and H&R lowering springs please mate A5 B8.5 2.0 Tfsi (208) Cheers Mac
  14. Macdoon

    Hello S5/A5ers

    Hi gang, so I have finally decided after much to'ing and fro'ing to my A4 on.. Now looking at an A5, anyone have the 2.0 Tfsi with stronic box, if so any issues. Any advice would be handy cheers Mac
  15. Macdoon

    Thinking of some changes

    So, I was thinking of selling the motor, but having driven a few others, I'm considering keeping her awhile longer .... has anyone fitted any body kits to theirs. such as Reiger/ABT or similar? Diffuser, front or rear bumpers.
  16. Macdoon


    Hey Trups Sorting out my mates B7, can you give a price for LED side and indicator bulbs please mate Mac
  17. Macdoon

    Wheel colour change

    OCD kicking in again on wheel colour.... my current thought is that the gloss black hides the detail of the wheels, so thinking of a colour change.... any thoughts guys? Pre Gloss Black
  18. Macdoon

    LED number plate bulbs- bargain

    Great LED bulbs, crisp white. £3.99 delivered and no errors... bargain