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  1. BBlackburn

    Buying my car via PayPal

    Right so got my car on autotrader received an email asking if it's still available I replied swiftly, then the person said "if my offer is accepted can you give me your PayPal address so I can make the payment" they haven't seen the car asked any questions and said someone else would be picking...
  2. BBlackburn


    RICH WIDOW LOOKING FOR MAN TO SHARE LIFE AND FORTUNE WITH THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS: 1. WON'T BEAT ME UP 2. WON'T RUN AWAY ... 3. HAS TO BE GREAT IN BED For several months, her phone rang off the hook, her doorbell was ringing constantly, she received tons of mail...all to no avail...
  3. BBlackburn

    First rs3 replica? This is the first one I have seen which obviously puts the disputes about the front bumper fitting to rest. Sorry if this has been posted.
  4. BBlackburn

    Micoach football boots

    Just wondering if anyone has these yet or knows someone who does tempted to get some as would be good to see how your improving or where your going wrong with things. Also could do with treating myself to some new boots.
  5. BBlackburn

    What do you guys prefer?

    Done a little bit of vinyl wrapping after bit of inspiration from few guys on here just wondering what you guys think looks better for the interior trims? The black carbon fibre look? Or the silver? Thanks guys.
  6. BBlackburn

    Thank you nigel.

    Just a small thread to show me appreciation and gratitude to a one NHN he came to mine to install Bluetooth and cruise control, then he had some other parts with him and I then ended up with Bluetooth, cruise control, fbmfsw and sds lol, not Nigel's fault I saw the steering wheel and wanted it...
  7. BBlackburn

    Black edition diffuser.

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the small mesh style trim that clips inside the lower diffuser on a black edition rear bumper? mine just came today and it doesn't look right I'm sure there is a small piece that clips inside please enlighten me. Thanks
  8. BBlackburn

    Anyone free to do some error coding?

    I need some error codes sorted ASAP need new MOT or can't get to work, I don't mind driving to anyone if there not ridiculously far from Epsom. Please anyone Thanks
  9. BBlackburn

    Help with auto lights please.

    Hi I changed the light switch for my car to the newer chrome style then a thread was posted about the auto lights, I have the problem now where my lights stay on all the time and also I realised my fog lights won't come on due to this. So I changed the switch back to the original one and still...
  10. BBlackburn

    Rns-e question?

    Hi I have purchased a rns-e unit comes on Monday, can't wait to get it fitted and working, the unit comes with the kufatech Bns navigation harness. Just wanted to know before I fit it all is there anything else I need to get it all completely working? doesn't specify an antenna, also I would...
  11. BBlackburn

    Radio problems

    My radio just cut out yesterday, so I tried to check the main fuse but it pinged out Into the engine bay, so not knowing if was blown I changed it, then the radio came back to life. After being on for a while it cut out again, I had a fiddle and got it back but now it has cut out all together...
  12. BBlackburn

    Will this bumper fit

    Hi i have a 54 plate split grille pre facelift audi a3 3 door hatchback, i have decided to do the front conversion which i have all the parts and just need to do it when i have time. What i would like to know is will a 2010 black edition or a s line rear bumper fit my audi? or if anyone can...