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  1. Golfather

    Facelift Upgrading B&O Subwoofer

    Hi all Has anyone upgraded the 6.5" subwoofer speaker in the existing B&O casing? Current spec of the speaker is 100+100w 8ohm+8ohm Looking for a suitable replacement to upgrade in situ Thanks !
  2. Golfather

    Wanted 21" 5x112 rims

    Looking for some decent 21" rims Anyone selling up? No reps please :) Cheers
  3. Golfather

    Facelift Wiring through firewall

    Planning to retrofit front parking sensors to a 8V What is the preferred method to route wiring from the bumper to inside the cabin? Options Ive seen is behind the battery through the firewall grommet, or from drivers side. Any retrofit guides out there please? Thanks in advance
  4. Golfather

    Facelift RS3 Honeycomb Grill retrofit for 8V FL

    Hi all So many variations of these grills on ebay Any particular recommendations? Looking for a black honeycomb grill for a FL. Cheers
  5. Golfather

    Front PDC Sensor bracket for retrofit

    Hi all Does anyone know what PDC sensor bracket to use on the front 8V bumper? (the bumper pdc holder not the grill pdc holder) Listed on ETKA as no 13 but not a part thats available seperately Can adapt a generic one but was hoping to get something made for the job Cheers
  6. Golfather

    8V FL Rear camera and rear PDC

    Hi all Currently have rear PDC from factory on a 8V FL Understand noone can activate the PDC display on the MMI, other than Hazzy Dayz which requires a replacement module. If a rear view camera is installed, will the rear PDC Display be shown as well as the gridlines of the camera? Thanks
  7. Golfather

    8P Facelift VCDS request for DRL's

    Hi all Can someone do me a favour and send me the VCDS coding including the screens of their CECM (BCM) module? For a facelift 8P with DRL's Trying to correctly code the BCM module for DRL's Cheers
  8. Golfather

    Disabling DSR Dynamic Steering

    Hi all Looking to disable the DSR in the steering module on a B8.5 S4 However there is an ABS coding error that comes up. Has anyone managed to work out the correct ABS coding once the DSR is disabled in the steering module? Cheers
  9. Golfather

    8V S3 rims on a 8P

    Has anyone running the new S3 rims on an 8p S3? Looking for some pics
  10. Golfather

    Coming home lights enabled

    Anyone successfully enabled the CH lights on a facelift 8P car? Ive enabled CH and LH in VCDS and the menu appears in DIS but its still not activated. Changed the times too, to see if it works but no luck. There are some other bytes - CH with foglights, CH manual/automated, and CH with...
  11. Golfather

    Retrofitting AMI to RNS-E Media for DAB

    Hi Has anyone retrofitted the AMI to their facelift 8P S3? I have a RNSE with the media button, and a CD chnager so no glovebox required From what I understand you just need the 8P AMI unit and the quad adaptor cable set or is the wiring already in situ to take the AMI? 8P0035785 Trying to...
  12. Golfather

    Wanted: FBMFSW

    Anyone selling a flat bottom MFSW with airbag or know the best place to get one from? Cheers
  13. Golfather

    Which Remap for 8P S3 ?

    Current shortlist for me is Revo due to good reviews and MRC, due to my past experience on my previous cars. Anyone have any experiences with the above on the S3? Cheers
  14. Golfather

    Does anyone know this Imola S4?

    Reg S4HRE, facelift. Had a few bits and pieces done from QST eg Milltek, and coilovers. Anyone own up to this one? Thansk in advance.
  15. Golfather

    Revo ???

    Has any one had their RS6 Revo'ed? Just wondering if you've had good / bad experiences, and how it compares to others like AMD/ MTM etc. Cheers.
  16. Golfather

    S3 vs R32

    So which one would you buy and why? Would especially like to hear from peeps who have upgraded (?) from an S3 to an R32... I know the S3 is so tempting as its tunable but the noise of the V6 wins every time Thanks