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    Sold OZ Ultraleggera HLT + P-Zero for Rs3

    do these clear your front calipers? or are you using spacers?
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    Wanted Wanted aftermarket 19" alloys wheels 8.5j/9j ET 43 or below..

    Hi, as per the title, ideally some light weight wheels!! drop me a PM or message in the thread Many thanks
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    Motec ultralights

    Hi have a friend who runs these on a hatch with a square set up and loves them...
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    Audi TT RS broshure

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    Audi TT RS broshure

    I purchased a paper based brochure from ebay :)
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    Haldex Oil Change

    defo get the strainer cleaned dealerships normally wont touch it...
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    Audi TT RS broshure

    I'm edging on the side that they didn't actually make one! hah
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    Audi TT RS broshure

    thanks for the help guys much appreciated :)
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    Audi TT RS broshure

    Coupe ! maybe the roadster is similar?
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    Audi TT RS broshure

    Hi, does anyone have a link for a 2016 tt rs borshure? thanks in advance!
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    Sold 2016 Audi TT RS Coupe - 7k Miles - High Spec - Ara Blue

    Hopefully it sell's at a good price mate... my budget is £34,000 if it doesn't sell let me know !
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    Audi TT RS 8S MK3 service schedule

    Hi all, Was hoping someone had a link to the service schedule for a TT RS 8s thanks for looking!
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    Looking to join the Fold

    thanks pal always full of knowledge! i also have the data you sent on email!
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    Looking to join the Fold

    Hi all, Looking to join the gang, currently have an S3 8p DSG so this would be the natural upgrade. I also had a golf r mk7 prior to the S3...
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    034 Motorsport ARB - Rear Anti-Roll Bar

    thank you
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    034 Motorsport ARB - Rear Anti-Roll Bar

    hi 45bvtc, unfortunately its not allowing me to pm however from other threads ive noticed you have access to the ... 2011/12 Sales and Specification 8P RS3 brochure ... could you please send over a copy? thanks
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    For Sale Black '57 Audi S3 8P - £6,250

    nice car mate, the build thread is evidence enough to show how much care and effort has been taken, hats off to you don't let it go for peanuts. As its hard to find cars which have been cherished.
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    Audi S3 8p DSG - not selecting gear - help

    so its been while since i have updated this but i have made a few purchases: 1, new car mats 2, new oil cap 3, winter tyres - ts850's 4, new console arm rest as mine was broken typical issues on these 5, new bosch wipers 6, cam follower with seal 7, yellow dip stick 8, updated navigation for...
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    how much did this cost as im looking to do the same...? thanks in advance