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    Rs3 8v OEM caliper decals

    Does anyone know where I can get OEM RS3 8v caliper decals from? I have a set of used calipers away getting repainted as the paint is peeling and chipped, the problem I have is getting new logos for them to put on after they have been repainted. I can buy them on eBay but they're not exactly...
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    RS5 8pots brake disc's fit a 8V S3 ?

    Can anyone tell me if rs5 8 pots with wavey discs bolt directly onto a s3 8v or do they need brackets? Looking to know if the rears would be a straight fit also. Thanks
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    Drivers One Touch Window No Longer One Touch!

    I was driving home from work today and put the window up and it stopped at the top and rebounded back down, this happened again then on third time it shut. Now after this has happened the window is no longer doing its one touch trick! All of the other windows continue to work except the drivers...
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    DTUK tuning box opinions

    Sorry if theres already a thread on this but I've tried my search function for the last 2 days and it doesn't seem to work (maybe admin can help with this) I've been looking at the DTUK tuning box as a stage 1 upgrade for on power for my s3 saloon instead of a remap from the likes of APR and...
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    R8 brake kit fitment??

    Does anyone know if these will fit the s3 saloon? Looking to find out if the whole kit would bolt straight on or if I would need to change the discs or need brackets for the calipers etc? I have 19's on the car and I've been told these should be big enough to clear them. But more info on this...