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  1. Broken Byzan

    software for posting/ extracting videos

    My iroad 3300ch is a dual channel camera and the player shows the front and rear overlayed. It will not allow me to capture anything but stills from that interface. Whats the best way to either capture that footage or what alternative software can assemble the channels for me
  2. Broken Byzan

    TQS/AEB breaking

    Has anyone got a spare inlet manifold form a breaker kicking around i need to get some powder coating done, and cannot be without the car. I am sure i saw some breaking/ for sale style threads here but our search sux donkey testes
  3. Broken Byzan

    Can I have a little help from BT/K04 & VVT crew please

    I am having a few flow issues that may be down to this correction on the Cat cams in block 93. I wonder if any of you have cams and VVT could plug VCDS in and have a peak for me and post what cams, and correction in here please. In fact any K04 originally car's figures would be a help. many...
  4. Broken Byzan

    GTI International Picture thread.

    Please feel free to post your best shots from today into this single thread, It keeps it nicer and neat and stops Sandra telling us off. LMAO GTI International 2013 - a set on Flickr
  5. Broken Byzan

    Trax 2012

    Trax 2012 @ Silverstone Flickr link will be added later
  6. Broken Byzan

    Forge Motorsport 2012 PCAD

    Facebook I will update with the Flickr link once it's finished uploading.
  7. Broken Byzan

    L:ist of parts to order

    Dave can i order these parts please, will pay online as soon as prices confimed etc 1 x 026 198 421 thrust washers 10 x N102 638 01 Main bearing cap bolts 1 x N 903 670 01 Crank bolt 10 x N103 036 07 cap screws 6 x N906 650 01 FW bolts 1 x 8d0 858 523 mirror parts 1 x 8d0 858 524 mirror trim 1...
  8. Broken Byzan

    Price this please.

    How much are the large port AEB heads going for now a days. I see it's mostly the 8l guys using them. This isn't a for sale thread, I want an idea what the normal rate is so i can price it accordingly to asn and or egay. Thanks fellas.:slap:
  9. Broken Byzan

    Server Busy

    server busy. NUFF SAID
  10. Broken Byzan

    Sport shocks

    Has anyone got some sport shocks laying around? B6 or B7 they could maybe measure the length of? I need the measurement from the bottom of the spring plate to the bolt eye? Obv if they are laying around, maybe there is an arrangement that can be made, but obv this isn't a wanted thread. I need...
  11. Broken Byzan

    swirly A4

    I have a solid black Audi, with the worlds hardest paint ( maybe an exageration) I have polished and waxed her regularily since i owned her. I have ran the rotary over her with a hard cut pad and menzerna Rd302 tentativley more than once and followed it with Menz 85Re and or final finish 2...
  12. Broken Byzan

    Wiper linkage

    Silly question, i know the wiper linkages sieze up and are replaced on a regular basis on these and B5s. Has anyone recently changed theirs and want to give me the old one for a bit of a hybriding i need to do to mine to get the B7 aero wiper on my car. I know its an odd request and i will...
  13. Broken Byzan

    My new Noggy blue S4

    Sorry had to,lol:sorry::sorry::sorry: My old one has stopped gathering electricity.
  14. Broken Byzan

    ABS Controller woes

    Written by our own Andymac for you guys to assist others when they search Many thanks Andy
  15. Broken Byzan

    GTI International 2010 PIcs thread

    Some people will do anything to reduce weight and gain an advantage on the strip....
  16. Broken Byzan

    Nice T shirt

    I am liking this..
  17. Broken Byzan

    05 plate black Avant

    Was traveling along Ringland bypass trying to out run a black B5........ Car looked nice, needs more go though
  18. Broken Byzan

    Happy 40th Birthday for yesterday....

    But who is it? A well known and respected member of this forum and many others. Although his choice in cars is not the best The choice of clothes , well a picture speaks a thousand words
  19. Broken Byzan

    1.8T Sludge issues!! Can it be done without taking the engine out? Yes

    We travelled many miles and went to look at a shiney TQS Avant for our leader, she looked great for the cost, checked all the usual stuff history was good, but cam belt was due again. The car sounded great drove well no ratles or squeeks. Done the deal, and off we went. 100 miles later we...
  20. Broken Byzan

    Immo recoding problems

    Ok i have an ancient inherited 312 Vagcom on the laptop i bought from the 'Bay many moons ago and want to add an alternative ECU to my immo2 1999 A4. I have the 4 pin SKC and login no problems, i can adapt the dash to the new ECU and the immo light goes out. I try to start the car and it...