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  1. palfy86

    Cab/Saloon climate control the same?

    As the title really, Can anyone tell me if the cab double din control units (either b6 or b7) are they same shape/size etc and will fit in the saloons when doing a double din conversion. obviously i appreciate the part numbers will be different, i just need to know if they are the same size...
  2. palfy86

    Cars stranded!!

    Help needed! Went to start the car after finishing work on Thursday night, unlocked using the remote, worked fine, put the key in the ignition waited for the glow plug light to extinguish then turned it over, it started but then immediately died! Noticed the immobiliser light was flashing...
  3. palfy86

    Losing temp while stationary...

    As the title really, was waiting for a mate this morning, car was at 90 degrees when i pulled up but while i was waiting with the engine on and interior heating going, the temp gauge was dropping.... Is this normal? outside temp was -1 on the dis. never really noticed this before but because i...
  4. palfy86

    Votex query tdi saloon

    Can somebody clear this up for me please as ive been trawling the threads and search and the famous "bumper option" thread but still cant find a answer. So i have a TDI Quattro saloon fitted with the votex rear and it has the blanking grills for both exhausts, now ive been on the phone to TPS...
  5. palfy86

    POTHOLE!! Need wheel info please.

    Well the commute to work see's two wheels destroyed by a pothole this morning! not happy as you can imagine. However maybe every cloud has a silver lining as they say and this could be a good time to purchase new wheels. I'd like to know if 9.5j x 18s (or even 19's) with a e.t of either 40 or...
  6. palfy86

    Is running staggered 19" wheels a "no no" on a quattro?

    So im in the hunt for some new wheels and found a wheel supplier with a staggered option but ive read somewhere that its not advisable on the quattro system is this correct, and if it is correct is it possible to run 19x9.5 all round?
  7. palfy86

    Pic request from all 3sdm owners.

    Im still in the hunt for some new wheels and the 3SDM 0.01's have caught my eye of late and im asking for you guys to post pics up if you have them with sizes and et's etc so i can get an idea of how they look on the car. Many thanks in advance on this one guys.
  8. palfy86

    Will E.T 48's Fit?

    Im after some BBS SPEEDLINE's in 19" but the majority for sale are ET48's and ive only read threads of people running mid to high 30's. My current wheels are ET38 carlsson replica's. Can anyone shed their knowledge on this please. Tried searching through post after post to no avail.
  9. palfy86


    So there i was last night making an account with rockstar social club for GTA V when i was faced with the task of looking for a "crew" to be join to "improve" the only gameplay. The amount of crews available is crazy, (mainly american gangs i think going by the names lol) Then i had an...
  10. palfy86

    Not a good week.

    This week has been a mare for my 1.9TDI 130. Tuesday saw the end of the alternator clutch pulley so went to see the audi indy wednesday morning and they confirmed this but cant get me in till a week this saturday. Is it ok to keep driving i asked and they said yeah it'll just be noisy and may...
  11. palfy86

    SPOTTED! Anybody on here??

    So today i got i message on wattsapp from a friend who lives in heanor (nottingham) and it was a picture of a rather nicely modded silver b6 saloon i think (only got head on shot) with black bonnet, grill, b7 style number plate surround and black mirrors. I believe its a 2.5 tdi quattro reg is...
  12. palfy86

    Broken Headlight Harness.

    Can anyone advise me on how to remove the main headlight wiring plug when the little tab where you push with the screwdriver has broken off. I tried the obvious approach of just trying to pull it off (im referring to the harness btw :no:) and prise it off with a screwdriver which is just...
  13. palfy86

    Windscreen Replacement

    So last week i decided to contact my insurance company to get my windscreen replaced as it has more chips than dave's plaice round the corner. Turns out it'll be supplied and fitted by national windscreens who ive arranged to come to my house next weekend,thought id give them time to source a...
  14. palfy86

    Fog Lamp Puzzler

    So today ive bought two new fog lamps and i have a question a cannot seem to answer. Right beside the normal mount holes theres like a long plastic threaded bar running down one side on the unit with a screwdriver head access in the top to adjust, but what does this actually adjust?? Any...
  15. palfy86

    Advice needed. Jacking and Arches

    The cars in for a major paint correction detail next month, so before it goes in i want to paint the calipers and clean the arches and suspension components. So my questions are... Wheres the best jack points and points for the axle stands to be located so that i can do a axle at a time...
  16. palfy86

    Photoshop Request.

    Could some photoshop whizz just pop these wheels on my car please.
  17. palfy86

    Any Recommended Detailers in the Mansfield area?

    As above really, Im looking to have my car Corrected and detailed and wondered if anyone here can recommend someone in the Notts area.
  18. palfy86

    Karcher Water Butt Cleaning

    Has anyone ever washed their vehicle via the water butt/harvested water pump available by karcher? Does it filter the water or is it basically washing your car with rain water? what are your guys thoughts on this?
  19. palfy86

    Luggage Lashing Eyes.

    I installed the lashing eyes into my saloon yesterday but i was just wanted to know the following, Are they suppose to sit flush to the boot floor? The reason i ask is because where the screws locate to hold them down sits proud of the floor thus making the eyes sit at a angle. The part number...
  20. palfy86

    Name that knob.

    As the title really ladies and gentlemen. Can anyone tell me what gearknob and steering wheel this is please. TIA.