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  1. silverpiston

    Can DOT 5.1 be used like DOT 4 LV for ABS/ESP systems ?

    Hi friends, I was looking for a DOT 4 LV bottle which is sometime a bit harder to find than 5.1 when you need it immediately. I wonder if on cold climate it could be an issue. DOT 4 class 4 Viscosity (-40°C) ≤ 1800 cSt DOT 4 LV class 6 Viscosity (-40°C) ≤ 750 cSt DOT 5.1 class...
  2. silverpiston

    Rear clunking noises on RS3 with coilovers

    Good evening, If someone has lowered his RS3 or installed coil-overs, I wish to ask if they have clunking noises in the back when hitting medium bumps, pottholes ? When going through sharp turns it does a screeching metal noise in the boot when drving on small bumps, or like a vibrating coil...