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  1. Mike Branagan-Harris

    Brand New S3 Saloon Panther Black with massive spec available next week

    I ordered a brand new factory build S3 STronic in Panther with super sports seats Top Sat Nav sunroof Bang Olufsen hill hold comfort pack side and lane assist, xenon upgrade folding mirrors and other extras in November. It arrives next week into an Audi Dealer in Wiltshire and I am cancelling...
  2. Mike Branagan-Harris

    Sunroof on new 2015 RS3 - availability ??

    I have a s3 fully specced saloon/sedan arriving next week at my local dealer with sunroof b/o tech pack driver asst DSG etc but have seen the new 2015 RS3 and can't decide to walk away from £1k deposit. However It appears that the old RS3 was not available with a sunroof and uncertain if the new...