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  1. Walter


    So did you get one or what?
  2. Walter

    New S3 Saloon order

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000000959 StartFragment:0000000454 EndFragment:0000000943 P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } So can I ask, people who ordered through Carwow and also people who got big discounts, if you got finance, did you also get a deposit contribution on top? I'm...
  3. Walter

    Wifes new A1

    Smart looking motor, I'm thinking of getting one myself. But 15-20 mpg... Ye gods! Is that all of them, or are you having issues?
  4. Walter

    RS3 Discussion Thread

    Anybody seen this? RS3 rumoured to come in at 345bhp and limited to 2,700 units. Sound familiar? - BMW 1 Series Coupe Forum / 1 Series Convertible Forum (1M / tii / 135i / 128i / Coupe / Cabrio / Hatchback) (BMW E82 E88 128i 130i 135i) Post no. 12 is interesting
  5. Walter

    New 360 PRE Kintect dash update? Opinions

    I don't like. I prefer the looking into the distance view to the side scrolling windows. (It make searching for the pictures of that chick on ign stratertize a little bit harder to find. Phnerr Phnerr.
  6. Walter

    direct sunlight ??

    Hello every one. This may be a really thick question, but I was wondering, most products instructions say not to apply in direct sunlight, but what would happen if you did? And would it be a disaster? The reason I ask is because I fancied doing a bit while it’s pleasant outside.
  7. Walter

    360 MW2 Sunday Night match

    I enjoyed that, but it seemed to be over so quick. Hopefully we’ll do it again but you fellas were way out of my league. Usually I only play free for alls so just shoot everyone I see and, of course, only saw my team, so a change in tactics for next time. Still good fun though.
  8. Walter

    360 MW2 Sunday Night match

    Yeah, I'll show myself up. gamer tag - Rat Fink Jnr. New maps as well on Tuesday 30th March, looking forward to that.
  9. Walter

    A3 or S3

    A3 until 1st March, then a new S3
  10. Walter

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Me too
  11. Walter

    Blackfire wet ice over fire

    I think it's tip top, it looks fantastic on my deep sea blue car and is pretty easy to apply. And that tub of wax will probably take about 10 years to use up.
  12. Walter

    FYI... Bugattis dont float!

    Where do these idiots get their money from?
  13. Walter

    Goodbye MK2 TT... Hello S3 Sportback

    I've been going around a few dealers for the past month or so and couldn't find the 10 or 11%s other people have got, maybe those days are over or I could be s**t at negotiating. Anyhow I got 8%, but with not bad px, equivalent to nearly 10% at another dealer who laughed me out the shop when I...
  14. Walter

    FAO REVO RE: Buying SPS / Remap / Anti Theft

    My uncle had thieves in his house a couple of months ago after his Merc. He heard them and called the cops from his bedroom. The police where there in a flash and saw the scum making off with his car, chased and then caught them. My point being that if you hide your keys in one place and the sps...
  15. Walter

    Xbox 360 Gamertags

    Gamertag: Rat Fink Jnr PGR 4 Halo 3 Forza 3
  16. Walter

    New S3 Prices?? Confusion

    I think its
  17. Walter

    New S3 Prices?? Confusion

    Were the bids from more or less local dealers, or were they nationwide?
  18. Walter

    New S3 Prices?? Confusion

    It's (not) funny how a 2nd hand nearly new fully loaded S3 is worth 30 grand plus, but as a px, my optional equipment is worth jack.
  19. Walter

    BMW 318 interior vs Jimmeh!

    What I find amazing is not only the fantastic results, but how fast they're achieved. No kidding, it would take me all day to getting my interior done, and it wouldn't be half as good.
  20. Walter

    Pondering a new S3. How much discount?

    Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.:respekt: West Yorkshire,