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    RS3 Daytona Grey for Sale

    Will be starting a new job pretty soon that will keep me out of the country 2 weeks a month. I cannot justify keeping 3 cars as a result and the RS3 is the one that has to go. It is currently with Audi getting the brake fix done, will have it back in the next couple of days. 61 plate 20k...
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    My Daytona - Time for some pics

    Had my car about 2 months now and thought it was time to post some pics up. Having clayed (Sonax Green) and polished it up today using my Megs DA (with Britemax AIO) to remove very light swirls it is now in a condition I am happy with. Other than Audi customer service trying it's best to ruin...
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    Overheating RS3?

    Drove not more than 10 mins in the pouring rain at speeds not more than 30mph this morning. Parked car at train station and noticed smoke coming from the front grill area. On closer inspection the front of the car was very hot to touch and the smoke was actually heat being released made visible...
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    White RS3 spotted in Ascot Station Car Park

    Anyone on here?
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    New to RS3 Forum

    Thought I would introduce myself. Soon to pick up an RS3 in Daytona Grey (61 plate) and remembered Audi Sport net from when I had an A3 1.8T Sportback. Bit concerned to hear about all these brake issues, but seems like the fix is soon to be coming in the way of a recall. Have already primed...
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    1.8TFSI Remap Options

    Thinking about a remap for my A3 1.8TFSI, but struggling to find tuning companies that do a remap for this engine. This is prob due to the engine being new to the VAG line up in FSI guise, but has anyone else had their 1.8TFSI remapped yet?