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  1. rodenal

    Help me decide

    Ok so after my company decided to collapse last month(nice of them) and i lost my company car, i am now employed again and dont need to drive to work as i can get a train. I get a nice company car allowance but its purely a privilege and there are no requirements for me to get a newish car or...
  2. rodenal

    Haynes A3 manual

    Anybody want it? £10 plus a couple of quid postage
  3. rodenal

    A3 on ebay If you know anybody looking for a cheap runabout point them in the direction of my ad £1750 buy it now should anybody be interested
  4. rodenal

    Opinions on price

    I'm going to stick my A3 in the autotrader sometime in the next couple of weeks - here's the Audi Sport Ad: For those who cant be bothered clicking - 1997 A3 1.6 Sport, 118k miles, mot'd till october, taxed till end of...
  5. rodenal

    Vag com in or near glasgow

    As above, does anybody have vag com and a cable in or around glasgow/coatbridge and ten mins of free time over this weekend or next? I cant for the life of me find my cable and need to read the codes from my heap of rust and trouble Ta
  6. rodenal

    Oh god money cant buy taste obviously
  7. rodenal

    Noise on tickover when cold

    Since about last week, when i start the car from cold on tickover its making a weird sort of, well ticking. It's fairly loud makes it sound diesel-ish The noise changes speed with the revs and has definately only just started occuring. Only happens when cold, clears up within 5-10 mins...
  8. rodenal

    Best place to sell my A3

    As above A3 is for sale soon as per this ad Now obviously the car isn't worth much so im not so keen on sticking it in the autotrader to be barraged with phonecalls from agencies but nobody else, all for about 40 quid...
  9. rodenal

    FAO Spence_Star

    As promised, here is a larger version of sig pic: 18" RS4 reps at the time - the back is the original slightly lower sport springs after around 80,000 miles Front was new springs at the time, only a few hundred miles, they've settled a little more now. Now on 16" A3 Turbo wheels (I...
  10. rodenal

    Moving jobs - to one of our competitors

    As above, i've just been 'informally' offered a job with one of our competitors. Still a few details to iron out with them but im happy with what they're proposing just now and i feel it would be a good move for me. Problem is, if and when i hand my notice in, how do i go about telling my...
  11. rodenal

    Cheap runabout for sale soon.

    Well my car is boing me to tears right now so its going so i can have a nice shiny new bike! Wont be until september/october, car will have a full MOT '97 1.6 A3 sport 110,000 miles No history as such - old MOT's and receipts somewhere. In roughly the past year its had: 2 new front...
  12. rodenal

    Getting car through MOT without ABS

    Anybody have any idea how i can get rid of the flashing light and sound when the abs fuse is pulled? Would just get it fixed however nobody can actually find the fault, all wiring's been checked all the sensors have now been replaced, vag com hasnt a clue just tells me there's an intermittent...
  13. rodenal

    225/40/18 anybody want it

    As above, its in classifieds too but its taking up room in the shed which is getting knocked down this weekend sooo 4.5mm(conservative estimate) tread, good conidition Federal tyre. Sitting just outside Glasgow for £30.00 PM me if you want it
  14. rodenal

    Car threw a hissy fit

    In work just now, had somewhere to go so jumped in the car. Sounded a bit funny, pretty rough feeling too - got a mile along the road and it cut out, as if id stalled the car. Tried to restart, odd smell and wouldnt turn, as if there was no battery, so i rolled the car off the road and had a...
  15. rodenal

    Auxillary Belt Change

    Well after my starter motor debarcle at the weekend my aux belt has slipped off whilst driving today. Had a look and the belt's fubar so i have a new one on its way to me but ill need to change it in work, i.e in half an hour so. Had a look seems like the tensioner comes off with 3 bolts...
  16. rodenal

    Starter Motor

    Anybody know what checks i can do to be sure my starter motor is goosed before i fit a new one? car just clicks once when the key is turned, battery has plenty of power, or so it seems at least Car bump starts fine Wont jump start. Anything else i can do ?
  17. rodenal

    Abs fault

    Well for some time now i've had my abs light on - vag com comes up with an intermittent fault which originally suggested i needed a new sensor - i replaced this but light still on. This was about 2 months ago and ive only just got round to checking the rest of the system over(i know im lazy)...
  18. rodenal

    Free RS4's(with a catch)

    Its tyre changing time for me and im gettin tired of payin £300 every six months(30,000 miles a yr) or so for tyres so im after a set of original a/s3 alloys with tyres, either a straight swap or with cash. As said the tyres all need changing, the rear 2 are still legal but the fronts have one...
  19. rodenal

    Off to egypt

    In about 5 hours, cant wait was there for the 1st time last year - stealing the use of my parents flat in sharm, craziest driving ever seen by man i swear.
  20. rodenal

    There's something not right here A3 1.8T with S3 bumpers and skirts - fair enough, looks a nice enough job of it and pretty clean etc However at the bottom of the listing he goes on about fitting...