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    Anyone going to UD on the 9th March?

    Interested to find out if anyone is going to Ultimate Dubs on the 9th March? Looking yo go with my dad who should by then have picked up his V10+. Let me know as I am keen to meet a few RS3 owners! Cheers, Will

    New RS3 Owner

    Hi all. I have owned my RS3 a month now and I love it to pieces. In that time, it has already been up to Aberdeen in that time and didn't miss a beat. My girlfriend had it in Aberdeen for a week and she said it fitted in well amongst the copious amounts of A7s and S5s they have up there. I...

    S3 Economy- Genuine Stats Please!

    Ok so I have had my 58 plate 170 TDI A3 for about a month anddddddd.... I am bored. Thinking about getting me a facelifted S3 (58 plate) and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from S3 owners with regards to economy when town driving, economy when on a long motorway run, common problems...

    Facelift Mirror Cover Removal Guide

    Hi guys. New to this forum! I am a pretty technically minded guy but can't really seem to find anything on removing the mirror covers off of my 2009 A3. I have searched through the forum but haven't found anything definitive. I wouldn't ask unless I really had no clue! If anyone could make me up...