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    Pics of black&silver TTRS/Rotor alloys?

    Hi, anyone's got a link to pics of an A3/S3/RS3 with black&silver TTRS/Rotor alloys? I'm wondering what it would look like if they are painted black but only the center part, not the 'silver' edge. So basically the black-and-red RS3 rims, but without the red :haha:
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    S3 pre- and post-facelift diffusors interchangeable?

    Hi, just checking something here, hoping someone can confirm: I have my eye on a 2005 Sportback S-line that has had the rear valance replaced for an S3 one with the S3 diffusor. It's a pre-facelift diffusor (3 door) however, and I quite like the look of the post-facelift (Sportback) diffusor...
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    Fitting MFSW on CC car: Steering wheel control unit replacement required?

    I've been doing some reading on replacing a non-MFSW with a MFSW and, to my knowledge, the other parts required (beside the actual MFSW and the airbag if it can't be reused) are the slipring and the steering wheel control unit (and possibly a wiring loom). But, I read this in threads where the...
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    Shocks, springs and lowering...?

    Hi all, do the pre-facelift s-line models - the ones with the s-line exterior trim and slightly lowered suspension - come with different shock absorbers than the Sport or standard models? S-line suspension sits about 25mm lower than standard, I was told, so they must have lower/shorter springs...
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    Powder coating black&red rotors?

    Hi all, I saw a thread a couple of days ago where a guy had had his 19" rotor reps powder coated black and red (like the ones you can get on the black or red RS3). I can't find the thread anymore (might even have been on some other forum like fouritude) but I was wondering: can you have you're...
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    Pics wanted of votex skirts with S3 diffuser on sportsback

    Hi all, I have found a nice used A3 on sale, but it has the Votex side skirts which I'd like to replace with S3 ones. My questions are: 1) What do I end up with if I decide to take the Votex's off? Holes in the car? Or are they just glued on? 2) What's the best way to remove them? Thanks!
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    Qua3ttro says hi...

    Hi everyone, I just registered after having spent quite some time 'leaching'. It's a brilliant site with lots of info and folks that really know their Audi business! I come from the land of... well, nothing to be proud of really: the land of paying loads of taxes and condoning (soft)...