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    In and around the M B Jarvie workshop

    Content coming soon :)
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    1.2 TFSI - Boost Pressure Regulation Fault - Lower Limit not Reached

    Hi folks, Attention turbo specialists/people in the know: Got a A3 8p 1.2 TFSI in at the of the wee supercharged/turbocharged things. Its driving flat as a boost at all. Logging a single fault: 11417 - Boost Pressure Regulation P155A 00 [237] - Lower Limit...
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    Engine continues to run with key off - seen before?

    Gents, Got an interesting one on an 2013 8V. DIS displays "Engine start system: system fault" upon engine start Symptom - engine doesn't stop with key off (position 0), only when key pulled. Didn't have time to look at it today...Know its likely T15 relay failing to break...j329 behind...
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    WINTER IS COMING - Wheel sealant of choice?

    Took the chance to get the wheels prepped for winter protection. Interested to know what y'all are using this winter to protect the old rims? I'm on POORBOYS this time.
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    Help with fault codes - Post your fault codes here for assistance.

    If your struggling with a fault code(s) post them here for help/advice and send your vehicle's registration number & VIN via PRIVATE MESSAGE. Include any relevant symptoms/conditions.
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    Need a part number? Request it here.

    Post your request here and send me a private message with your vehicle's registration number and VIN.
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    The Dreaded Diverter Valve (DV) - What's actually happening to your boost

    This may be of interest to some of you guys, to get some insight as to what's actually happening when a DV goes bad and exactly what this does to your boost. This example is taken from an Audi A3 2.0 TDI 8P3 (stock map) we had in today displaying a classic under-boost fault. When a car comes...
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    Proud new sponsor - here to help!

    Hello all! I'm a Professional light vehicle Diagnostic Technician & IMI-Accredited Advanced Automotive Engineer (AAE) at Glasgow-based Independent, M B Jarvie Ltd. I operate daily at the sharp end of modern vehicle fault-finding, I’m fully Bosch-trained and an expert in all areas of light...