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    Secondary decat delete

    Is this something you can do yourself? Or does it need to go to a garage et el? I take it Audi will just sell you the parts?
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    Android Auto 2016 Car

    My RS3 has the tech pack for whatever that gives me :), but is there a way to get android auto into my car, that does not involve dismantling the dash and replacing the screen etc...
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    New Recall 2016 RS3

    Local dealer just left me a message about a recall for my 2016 RS3, it has already had the fuel pump replaced under recall, is there a new one?
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    Viezu Remapp

    Opps put this in the wrong section to start with :) .. Any folks had there car tuned by Viezu, like the idea of the v-box switch and its a good price at 399, but obviously want to know its a good strong map :)..
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    Viezu Remapp

    Any folks had there car tuned by Viezu, like the idea of the v-box switch and its a good price at 399, but obviously want to know its a good strong map :)..
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    Door Lights

    Quick question should the red reflectors on the doors light up at night or are they just reflectors? thx
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    So my RS3 will celebrate its third birthday in March, any thought on warranty options? I know Audi will extend but dont know the cost, and if its worth doing... So far touch wood the car has been pretty much perfect :)
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    DMS Remap

    Anybody go for DMS? Used them before and was very impressed, three years worth or coming to your home if it needs to go back to the deqler etc
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    Map Updates

    Little bit of help please, downloaded the new map updates, copied to a SD card exfat formatted, placed in slot sd 1 went to the update MMI settings selected sd1, it searches then comes back with media does not contain an update or something like that.. Am I doing something wrong ?
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    Strange Issue

    SO before i take the car into Audi (still under warranty), any of you folks experienced and issue with the power steering, where at times it feel like its not power assisted? Started to happen more often, check the fluid all good, also noticed that sometimes when going to full lock almost feels...
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    Winter Tyres and Alloys

    Would a set of 235/40/19 Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D be ok on the RS3? They are 40 rather than the standard 35.. Thanks
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    Audi Connect / Google Maps?

    Quick question my RS3 has the following listed as spec. Tech Pack MMI Navigation Plus Navigation System High AMI Audi Sound System Does this mean it should have connect and high res street pictures or was that another pack :)
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    ****** Careless Drivers

    Returned to my car yesterday and wing mirror has been hit and damaged :(, not had the chance to look as it was dark and i was off to work first thing also in the dark.. But its going to need a new glass as the old one was nowhere to be seen, plus i am getting an error on the display about the...
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    Help; Do Really Need a Service

    Hi, Car is telling me it needs an oil service, it had an inspection with oil change and sparks at 19417miles on the 14-09-17, it now saying an oil service is due at 21345 miles? Is is correct? thx
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    Oil Service Cost

    Just popped up I need an oil service, any idea what I should expect to pay??
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    Surrey RS3/Audi Indie

    Any folks know the goto place in Surrey (East) for Audi's??
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    RS3 to RS6

    Anybody made the jump? Love the RS3, but the 6 performance is calling :)
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    Sportback Rear Bumper scratches

    Maybe just me but the top of my rear Bumper seems to attract scraches from the kids putting their bags in the boot, anybody know of maybe a carbon look protector??
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    Piano Black Interior Trim

    Any tips on the best product and technique to clean up grand black piano trip, looks like lots of swirl marks in it, no deep scratches.. cheers
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    RS3 2016 Wheels

    Can any one confirm if these will fit a 2016 RS3?”-genuine-audi-alloy-wheels-winter-tyres.358718/