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  1. GeorgieMcC

    Oh Poo!

    Our 8 is making a rubbing/groaning noise going over bumps/wiggling steering wheel side to side around the straight ahead position/on and off the throttle at low speed. The wierd thing is, it only seems to do it when the fuel is low? The 8 has just passed an MOT... Can anyone help? Edit...
  2. GeorgieMcC

    Sometimes the motor cuts out or wont start.

    I've had the fault codes read. The first reading of the fault memory was: <font color="red"> VAG-COM Version: Release 504.1-UD Chassis Type: 4D - Audi A8 D2 Scan: 01 03 08 15 16 17 35 36 37 45 55 56 65 76 02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. GeorgieMcC

    Preaching to the converted!

  4. GeorgieMcC

    Audi to introduce ceramic brakes?

  5. GeorgieMcC

    Audi Recall (no, it's a "Service Check")

    Got a letter from Audi UK the other day This'll cost me I just know it (Please see attachment) Oh yeah, when I rang and emailed them about this, they denied all knowledge!
  6. GeorgieMcC

    Noisy power steering?

    The steering on my 1996 3.7ltr A8 has got quite noisy lately. It had occasionally, in recent years, made a deep vibrating noise when turning left into my drive. But recently, higher pitched vibrating noises are coming from behind the steering wheel. These seem tyre pressure sensitive. Should I...