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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Yes correct pre sense - It's because I always get Passenger Airbag is Switched on over this light when I first turn ignition on I thought it was to do with that
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    Child door locks

    I only found out by accident once when I gave a work colleague a lift and she couldn't get out lol
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    Real World Mpg of A3 8Y

    Passenger Airbag I think - It normally comes up with text telling you about airbag - When you drive off it should go out
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    Child door locks

    No it has a picture of a child on each one - I used to put it on when my Mother-In-Law was in the car because she had Dementia and sometimes when you pull up she would just fling the door open.
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    Child door locks

    The child locks are electronic on the drivers door - Bottom of the window switches - Well they were on the 8V and I don't think that's changed
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    What do you like about your A3 8Y?

    Why old school bulbs for interior lights and tail-lights (Sport trim), it's an Audi? Can't turn on reading lights individually in front? - I have an S3 so not sure if it's different on the Sport trim but don't think so but the reading lights are touch on/off and if you hold they also dim...
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    MyAudi app reporting boot and windows open

    Often get this Open boot and windows, close them, lock the car and refresh the APP and it will probably be ok - Very flaky
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    Windscreen Replacement

    Firstly you need to check with your insurer as sometimes if you don't use their approved repairer you not only have a higher excess but sometimes a limit on what they will pay as well. You can also ask your insurer if they will allow you to use the Audi dealer or at least a genuine screen -...
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    The VED is calculated at time of registering the car, and not at time of ordering (according to the DVLA) - Well that would make sense and has always been that way - They tend to increase in April though so that generally March New Cars miss it, but obviously with the delays for cars this maybe...
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    He's right the VED does come off it's just the Delivery charge, Number plates and VAT that get added to the final price (in my case it was about £710) which did push me over, however like you said I didn't want to reduce my spec to save £310 per year and then drive around for the next 2-3 years...
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    Traffic Sign Fault - on display at startup

    Do you park close to something or in a garage - It's often the camera being up against something but then corrects itself - Annoying though - I've had it with my Matrix headlights because I park in my garage and it's tight at the front - Hasn't done it for a while though
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    Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System

    They'll switch it to a SONOS system soon anyway the same as the A1 and Q3 I believe
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    70 plate A3 35 tfsi Oil level lamp after 5000 miles...

    The dipstick is the best way but as I understood it (especially with the electronic ones) when the check light/Minimum whatever you want to call it come on - It usually means top it up with up to 1 litre/back to the correct level - I suppose it's protecting the engine rather than people waiting...
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    70 plate A3 35 tfsi Oil level lamp after 5000 miles...

    Never wait until the Red Light comes on - That's turn it off now - Yellow warning means top it up 0.5 litre per 1000KM according to the manual depending on how you drive and conditions - Higher usage in the first 5000km so you're probably about right for a small top up - I believe you've done...
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    70 plate A3 35 tfsi Oil level lamp after 5000 miles...

    A5's I think are electronic - At least when it comes up Orange - I probably needs up to a litre - If the red can comes up switch off immediately
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    Additional Road Tax

    Well you won't have any options with the DVLA because if it's over it's over which includes Audi increasing their prices unless it's an actual error - Have you been through your invoice - Remember the Delivery Charge, Number Plates plus VAT is added (about £700) is included in the on the road...
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    Items missing

    Sat Nav Speed Limits has been removed - Manual says it will show if you don't have Traffic Sign Recognition Camera - But all 8Y's have the camera for Lane Assist etc and therefore all cars are prepped for Traffic Sign Recognition with Functions On Demand when available - Very sneaky by Audi -...
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    Items missing

    Exactly the same as the 8v - Brochure (back in the days when you got one) showed it through all the changes throughout the years but you were never going to get one as European only - Made for LHD and no room next to the gearbox tunnel!!
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    Options not offered in the UK

    Doesn't surprise me - They're struggling with Comfort and Sound Pack (which most people want anyway as only way of getting front sensors now), Wireless Phone Box, Powered Tailgate only on Vorsprung now
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    Steering Wheel Button

    Way to ambitious I'm afraid - If you go into the MMI settings for Car I think then there's an option to configure it - Mainly Turn off voice guidance, switch between Radio/Media - Day and Night mode for Sat Nav I think - Nothing brilliant