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  1. DomH

    A1 wheels

    Well winter time is approaching..does anyone know if the 16" A1 wheels fit over the S1 brakes? I know that 16" steels do, but they have too much offset and look funky
  2. DomH

    Front wing foam?

    Afternoon, finally getting around to sorting out all the niggles on my car and I'm having trouble working out what parts I need. I'm after the foam parts that are at the top of the wings and on either side from the long rubber seal under the bonnet I've attached a picture, does anyone know any...
  3. DomH

    Engine speed governing?

    Has anyone had this error come up before? It comes on the DIS and tells you not to go over 4000RPM, but no EPC light :( Will be able to get it on the computer on Monday, but was just curious if anyone had seen the error before. Car is a 2010 1.8TFSI
  4. DomH

    Is there any hope for me?

    Got my renewal through from admiral a few weeks ago. I paid just over £1500 last year, but earlier in the year I had an accident when a deer ran out in front of me causing a fair bit of damage, headlight, wing, bumper and bonnet all needed replacing. This also knocked my NCB down to 0 years due...
  5. DomH

    Milltek compatibility

    Hello, I have a 2010 A3 1.8TFSI, am I right in thinking that a Golf GTI Milltek is a straight fit for the 1.8TFSI? Everything looks identical to the Milltek they list for the 1.8 anyway... Edit: Looks like I would just need to buy the pipe which deletes the centre box the car has
  6. DomH

    New to the world of A3's

    Hello, I'm Dom, 22 from Leeds (23 in a few days, getting old). Come Saturday I will be collecting my new car, 2010 Audi A3 1.8TFSI Black Edition in Phantom Black, I went and viewed it earlier on in the week and just couldn't say no! :D Here is a picture I took one the day Here's a...