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  1. Djwoody

    A5 Sportback RS5 style diffuser

    Hi. Does anyone know if there is a rear diffuser available for the A5 that would cater for larger exhausts? I am looking to have a custom exhaust made with oval tips, however, don't want to go down the route of full rear bumper conversion if I don't have to. Obviously the RS5 diffuser won't fit...
  2. Djwoody

    Which Discs?

    Looking to get some drilled or grooved discs (or a combo of both). Can anyone give any recommendations? Been looking at Black Diamond, EBC Ultimax, Ferodo so far. I have a B8 3.0 TDI Saloon Chris
  3. Djwoody

    A5 3.0 TDI S-Tronic & Remap

    Hi. I currently own an A4 B8 3.0 TDI (2008 Manual) and now have the opportunity to buy my mate's A5 3.0 TDI S-Tronic (2009 plate). They are essentially the same engine I believe - 240bhp. Do any of you own this model in the S-Tronic? If so, are you happy with it or have you had any problems...
  4. Djwoody

    New Washer Jet

    How easy is it to replace my drivers side windscreen washer jet? It still works but the spray is very low down the windscreen. I have tried the old method of sticking a pin in but there is just no movement whatsoever. Car is a 2008 B8. Thanks Chris
  5. Djwoody

    VCDS - Middlesbrough area, rear light coding

    Hi. I am about to fit some LED reverse bulbs to my B8. Nice simple job but the bulb-out error needs coding out. I have all the coding information, just need someone with VCDS to assist. Anyone in the Redcar/Middlesbrough area available to help? Thanks Chris
  6. Djwoody

    B8 Standard Audio - Amp upgrade?

    Hi. I have the standard concert audio in my B8. Last year I replaced the standard thin Sub with a JL Audio that fits perfectly. The sound is a whole lot better but still lacks power (obviously because I still have the standard amp powering it). Has anyone replaced the amp with a higher powered...
  7. Djwoody

    Rattle - near windscreen

    Hi. I have a rattle which seems to be on the drivers side close to the windscreen, A pillar or speedos. Only occurs on a bumpy road and sounds like glass slightly rattling. Had a look everywhere and can't see where it is coming from. Any ideas? Chris
  8. Djwoody

    Spacers on 18" wheels

    Is anyone running spacers with their stock 18" s line wheels? Looking to put 15mm on mine but would like to see some pics first. Chris
  9. Djwoody

    Clutch options for tuned 3.0 TDI

    Hi. Currently my 3.0 TDI is mapped to around 280bhp. I am wanting to remove the DPF and remap it to just over 300bhp. I have spoke to a few people and they recommended uprating the clutch to handle the extra torque. Does anyone have any recommendations? Or should I just change it to an OEM...
  10. Djwoody

    PSI for 19"

    What pressure do all of you put in your tyres? I have a 3.0 TDI with 255/35/19. I know there is a recommended pressure on the door sticker but was just wondering experiences you have had? Remember someone saying 40psi all round is good Chris
  11. Djwoody

    19"s or 20"s

    Thinking about upgrading the alloys on my 3.0 TDI shortly but am undecided between 19"s or 20"s. I am already lowered on Eibach Pros so don't want any arch problems. I know the setup for 19"s is 255/35/19, what is the ideal setup for for 20"s? Also would be nice to hear what the ride is like...
  12. Djwoody

    Engine oil capacity for 3.0 TDi

    Hi. Does anyone know how much oil you would need for a oil change on a 2008 3.0 TDI? Chris
  13. Djwoody

    Replica Alloy Wheels online

    Hi. Does anyone know of any sites that sell Replica Alloy Wheels? Most the main ones like Wheelbase etc seem to only stock branded (i.e. Team Dynamics). I'm looking for some replica rotors for my B8 but my budget won't allow for the genuine article. Thanks Chris
  14. Djwoody

    Fuel system cleaners/additives for your diesel B8

    Hi. Do any of you use fuel additives on your diesel B8? I'm thinking about using one just before the service on my 3.0TDI soon. I've heard good things about BG244 and also the Forte products, amongst others. Any experiences would be great. Performance, economy, general running etc. Thanks Chris
  15. Djwoody

    G476 Short to Ground fault

    Hi. My Cruise Control has stopped working on my A4 B8 and I have a fault coming up in VCDS which is: 03182 - Clutch Position Snesor (G476) Short to Ground. I have replaced the G476 sensor (which is intergrated into the Master Cylinder) and the fault is still there. Does anyone have any...
  16. Djwoody

    4-wheel alignment when lowered

    I have just lowered my 3.0TDI with Eibach Pro Springs. It is sitting slightly lower now than it's S-line height (approx 10-15mm). Should I go and get 4-wheel alignment? Or is this just a waste of money as its such a small drop? Was thinking of just keeping an eye out of uneven tyre wear...
  17. Djwoody

    Wipers not in the correct position

    Hi. Noticed this morning that my wipers aren't sitting as they should. They are about and inch too high up the windscreen. So when I use them they are hitting the side of the screen. Anyone know how to cure this? Chris
  18. Djwoody

    Fitting Clutch Master Cylinder

    Hi. I need to replace the Clutch Master Cylinder on my 3.0 TDI. I have bought the part but looking for a reputable garage in the North East to undertake the work. Does anyone know roughly how long these take to fit? Also, what sort of labour cost I should be looking at? Many thanks Chris
  19. Djwoody

    BA15S Rear Fog LED bulbs

    Hi. I have recently fitted some Dectane facelift LED tailights to my B8. Link below: Overall the lights are great, look very similar to the original. However, one of the fog bulbs...
  20. Djwoody

    Eibach Pro Kit

    Hi. Has anyone lowered their B8 with the Eibach Pro Kit? Looking to do this to my 3.0 TDI. Has anyone got a picture of a B8 lowered with the Pro Kit, preferably with either 18"s or 19"s? Thanks Chris