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  1. Gazwould

    RIP Sabine Schmitz

    Queen of the ring .
  2. Gazwould

    R. I. P Murray Walker

    97 . THE F1 commentator legend .
  3. Gazwould

    R.I.P Captain Sir Tom Moore

    What an incredible man .
  4. Gazwould

    Mother Mary...
  5. Gazwould

    R.I.P David Prowse

  6. Gazwould

    RIP Dame Vera Lynn

    National treasure..
  7. Gazwould

    Speed cameras - now noise cameras !
  8. Gazwould

    Niki Lauda RIP

    Incredible F1 legend , if you've never seen 'Rush' , do so .
  9. Gazwould

    Protected remap files ?

    Any such thing as protected / secure remap files so they aren't overwritten by dealer / specialist / independent software updates ?
  10. Gazwould

    Brake disc handing

    Taking advantage of the ECP 50% off brakes I've got a full set of Brembo for another German car . Both vented and fronts are cross drilled. Now I read the internal vanes have to point back to correctly vent from the center to outer disc . If this is correct I have two pairs of left handed...
  11. Gazwould

    Brembo brake disc paint quality

    I see they come with the hub outer centers and outer vented circumference painted with a dark grey metallic . How durable is this paint ? I know Pagid's silver coating is rubbish ( curled up and died with Auto Glym wheel cleaner) and my normal route is to abrade and spray paint with black...
  12. Gazwould

    MOT smoke solution for DPF gutted ?

    Cheaper than reinstating the dpf .
  13. Gazwould

    RIP Professor Stephen Hawking

    Incredible man .
  14. Gazwould

    What CTS for 1.9 PD AVF ?

    4 pin Coolant Temperature Sensor for my AVF . Genuine only - who is the genuine oem ?? ECP / CP4L offerings of HAAS and JP Group ? Febi Bilstein ?
  15. Gazwould

    New S1 Winter option

  16. Gazwould

    Safe car the RS3

  17. Gazwould

    Who needs remapping , for £20...

  18. Gazwould

    Normal for DPF gutting ?

    Non VAG , car recently received Stage 1 egr and dpf gutting . It broke down today suspected alternator which is near the dpf and noticed two vac lines ? disconnected off the dpf . Normal ?
  19. Gazwould

  20. Gazwould

    Phenomenon ?

    After a member here recommended some road legal 5000K H7 halogens . I got them and was happy , my old Osram Night Breaker Plus had yellowed off with age . However the 5000K made my 4000K warm white Osram LED sidelights look , well too warm . So I purchased some Philips 6000K 501 LED to...