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  1. turbonutz

    S3 and tuning curious

    i am thinking perhaps in moving away from my APR stage 2+ S3 8p to a B8 s4 for a bit of comfort praticallity and the likes(was thinking rs3 also but kinda fancy change from 8p platform). but being quite a heavily modded s3 sitting at 380odd bhp n 400 tourqes on coils and big breaks i was...
  2. turbonutz

    DIY Retrofit FBMFSW question

    Hi lads, what it is (and im sorry if this has been explained but i tried searching for a while across a few forums and cant find proper answers ) i have an 8p s3 with a normal boring steering wheel and i fancy getting a FBMFSW and having a diy project on the go! However i have gathered that it...
  3. turbonutz

    Wheel sizing to lowering? S3

    As i am about to have my s3 lowered about 30 mm from standard not too distant and wanting to put on 19x8.5j et 44 o.z superturismo LM wheels on prolly with 225,35 r19 tyres , i was wondering if anyone has tried the same(or there abouts lowering) and rougly same wheel dimensions and if any issues...
  4. turbonutz

    porsche brakes question

    Hi guys after having wee think of options for brakes and quick look on egay I was wondering if anyone knows if these would fit the s3 and what kind of work eould be involved. I had a sercj on here and google bit not seeong much use
  5. turbonutz

    cost of fitting coils

    Hi im looking to see how much it cost folk to get coilovers just fitted to there cars as I got a set for my s3 and would like to get them done this weekend. Or more relevant how many hours it cost. Ive had 1 quote so far and no other garage rang me back yet, but 6 hours is the first quote...
  6. turbonutz

    O.Z Racing Alloy car gen

    looking for peoples opinions on these wheels by o.z racing, not buying yet but maybe hopefully in not toooo distant future, maybe not these atall? but just messing with computer gen app on there site n got excited with the idea of it ha! pick ones ya would have and yer fave ;) 1 2 3 4...
  7. turbonutz

    Exhaust blown S3

    Just a quick question here after some sluggish quarter mile times here, and i think i may know the answer here but would like professional comments here. On my exhaust system, OEM system till after cat then milltek, i have a blowout/hole around my flexi pipe. but what i am wondering is if it is...
  8. turbonutz

    My DIY for today

    Today I decided I would replace the anti roll bars for H&R ones that I collected from Mark(Brodster) from Brotek yesterday. I Only managed to set about and get the back one done as the front needs bit more confidence and information as well. However I found this link if anyone could confirm if...
  9. turbonutz

    Track days?

    Just wondering why no one trys to get track days for the scots audi fans here on the go? or am i wrong?
  10. turbonutz

    Sky blue!

    I don't know about the weather recently in Glasgow but after using Angelwax products bought from broadster and almost 3 hours to clean the car i got a nice clear blue sky on my S2 8P! Should have got a photo of wheels aswell because they really pop nicely thanks to the wheel cleaner! didn't...
  11. turbonutz

    Radio change

    I have an 08 8P2 s3 and was wondering if it was an easy enough swap from the concert radio to the RNS-e headunit? i.e will i need to change any loom, antenna adaptors or anything? i know im asking in right place as i imagine a few of you done it haha cheers.
  12. turbonutz

    Twin dual tailpipes

    any one any ideas of how to get dual twin tailpipes (like standard ones only replicated at other end of rear) as in is it easy enough, where to get them and any implications i.e things fouling, was thinking a set of falsies but i need to get ma exhaust done soon anyway as its blowing out. cheers
  13. turbonutz

    Headlamp changes?

    Hello i have got an 08(03-08 8p) audi s3 with the xenon headlamps, but i want the LED DRLs aswell as xenons n i looked at a few aftermarket headlights but they seem to lose the xenons if used shame as liked these ones: PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS LHD "starline" for Audi A3 8P (05/03-06/08), with DRL...