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  1. turbonutz

    S3 and tuning curious

    i am thinking perhaps in moving away from my APR stage 2+ S3 8p to a B8 s4 for a bit of comfort praticallity and the likes(was thinking rs3 also but kinda fancy change from 8p platform). but being quite a heavily modded s3 sitting at 380odd bhp n 400 tourqes on coils and big breaks i was...
  2. turbonutz

    colour should i paint callipers?

    candied mine, not that u notice soon as ya hit the brake peddle ha
  3. turbonutz

    DIY Retrofit FBMFSW question

    Hi lads, what it is (and im sorry if this has been explained but i tried searching for a while across a few forums and cant find proper answers ) i have an 8p s3 with a normal boring steering wheel and i fancy getting a FBMFSW and having a diy project on the go! However i have gathered that it...
  4. turbonutz

    Haldex not working, lots of wheel spin.

    hi i got an 08 prefacelift s3 and that seems to be wheelspinning now!? but not all the time? done a vcds and no haldex faults came up? anyone any idea haha? also anyone got part number for haldex pre pump just to look it up?
  5. turbonutz

    see your ttrs wheel, was it just plug and play? did u have multifunction wheel before hand or...

    see your ttrs wheel, was it just plug and play? did u have multifunction wheel before hand or did u have to change modules and the likes cheers? also price?
  6. turbonutz

    Retrofit/Vagcom Guide

    did this ever get resolved? im thinking getting a fbmfsw but i have standard wheel n no functions on an 08 prefacelift, i want the wheel tho ha
  7. turbonutz


    i love that chrome wrap!
  8. turbonutz

    Cumbria Vag Meet

    could ijust go on the sunday even tho i got a camping pass? dont want to camp myself haha!
  9. turbonutz

    cumbria vag 2013

    im going! from glasgow be with few others
  10. turbonutz

    Cumbria Vag Meet

    camp it :P
  11. turbonutz

    Cumbria Vag Meet

    need to get this sorted for defo, whats they script, is there an asn stand or that? i am going and want to go sat with club with some local boys on sat if possiable! thanks
  12. turbonutz

    ASN Scotkart Meet Update and revised list

    yeh i will do. guy said might have been a valve disintegrating maybe. might be a 83k engine thats been upped by like 100 brake. peddle box and trigger happy accelerator might not have helped there? aye nice job trying run over marshals
  13. turbonutz

    ASN Scotkart Meet Update and revised list

    insult to injury the vid :( lol
  14. turbonutz

    ASN Scotkart Meet Update and revised list

    Aye that is a bit strange eh :P haha diet must be doing him well! was good fun tho. apart from ma break down for me ha! turns out that i have something in a cylinder in ma engine thats destroyed a spark plug causing it to missfire and rock the hell out engine because it was out of sync. not the...
  15. turbonutz

    Cumbria Vag Meet

    sats the party night sundays the show
  16. turbonutz

    Cumbria Vag Meet

    Provisional yes from me as im working in cumbria!