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  1. SparkyMcA

    satnav iphone

    plugged my iphone in and bluetooth connected, but wont skip track on my steering wheel, also says not available on the speedometer part, anyone any suggestions tried turning it off and taking phone out etc still the same
  2. SparkyMcA

    s3 owner :)

    Got my s3 yesterday wow :D just what i expected and more loved every minute of driving back to clydebank from derby audi, ill get pictures up soon, suzuka grey what a colour very pleased with it!!
  3. SparkyMcA

    dial sweep

    what year on the s3 did the dial sweep come in?
  4. SparkyMcA

    sat nav

    was wondering what the difference is from the gray sat nav to the shiny black, cheers
  5. SparkyMcA

    Manual - S tronic

    tried out the s tronic and was impressed with it, has there been any problems with it on the s3? if so a take it that its big money if anything goes wrong with it, was talking to few guys at audi because am yet to try the manual and they were guiding me towards s tronic aswell not 2 sure if its...
  6. SparkyMcA

    TTS with TTRS grill or bumper

    has anyone on here done this from a tts to giv it the more angry look? cheers
  7. SparkyMcA

    TTS or S3

    i know there similar apart from the shell, would use think a TTS is still known as a hairdressers car or nice enough to own without getting that across? has the TTS got a harsher ride than the S3? cheers
  8. SparkyMcA

    170 quattro or s3

    was wondering how much a difference there is from both, when tdi gets going the torque jus slings you back, when mapped would have more than s3, a always get petrol and love fast cars, but from day to day driving what would be best, cheers guys
  9. SparkyMcA

    on buying tuned s3

    was wondering if anyone on this forum was selling this s3 Used Audi S3 Quattro 330BHP £109 Per Week for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1258505) would it be worth forking out that kind of money for a already tuned car? just not sure if anything would go wrong with it or has been booted f*ck out...
  10. SparkyMcA


    took ma mums scirocco out there and noticed the door rattled it wasnt that loud n the bass wasn't up 2 high, does this happen with the bose? does it with my ST and does ma box in, just dont want to buy s3 and it does the same :(
  11. SparkyMcA

    s3 vs evo x

    how would a remapped s3 compare to a evo x 360 or even 300 was looking thru there forums and were basically saying theres no way an s3 beats an evo x few guys had s3 and said the same when moved on to evo, what do use think? cheers
  12. SparkyMcA

    s3 quattro - haldex

    jus wondering how good is the haldex system, if flooring it in the wet etc is it minimal wheel spin or constant traction? does the s3 have same set up as RS3 n launch control, cheers! hopefully getting s3 soon :)
  13. SparkyMcA

    hi from mark

    hi all, lookin to get s3 in july, currently driving focus st. how good is the haldex 4wd system when flooring it etc? is the bose and sat nav gr8 options? cheers
  14. SparkyMcA


    awrite folks new here, not got car yet but hopefully in july, currently got focus st, how would the s3 be in performance to ma standard ST always wanted an s3 only took a automatic out so far, is the 4wd haldex system gr8? and no wheelspin when heavy footed etc, cheers