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  1. Nathan Barnes

    Drop link problems?

    Hi I replaced the OSF drop link about 6 months ago after it started knocking badly. I'm not entirely surprised as the state of the roads here in Cardiff are shocking, particularly with 1.4TDI Sport suspension.... Anyway, it has started knocking again this week. I can't believe the new one is...
  2. Nathan Barnes

    Anyone on here used to own RX02KLO?

    Does anyone know anything about the history of a dolphin grey S3 RX02KLO? My mate has just bought it and would be interested to hear from previous owners. It's in very nice condition with 19" RS4's, Forge hoses and DV, heatshield and cone filter and what I think is probably a stage 1 map. Any...
  3. Nathan Barnes

    8L Hybrid powered APY S3 - Breaking for parts.

    I'm breaking my S3 - the subject matter of my thread All parts are currently available, although some interest has already been expressed in the engine and wheels. Please PM me if you need more info or want to...
  4. Nathan Barnes

    Hunting on idle - MAF problem?

    I know this has probably been asked a million times, but I am really scratching my head. Car is "hunting" when idling - it is fairly steady at 840 rpm for a few seconds then dips to 800. repeat.. Car is very hesitant on the throttle when you drive it. I have checked all over for vac leaks -...
  5. Nathan Barnes

    What is this wire please?

    Hi all I have just cut through a wire with an angle grinder. It goes through the passenger side rear wheeltub (it's the thinner wire on the right hand side in the picture. It has 3 wires - Black, Brown, Blue) Can anyone identify what it does please? Thanks!
  6. Nathan Barnes

    Auto locking "feature" - Can it be coded out?

    Can the "auto lock" feature be coded out in VCDS lite? I haven't got any door panels on at the moment, so have no manual lock switch! I can only get out of the car when I take the key out of the ignition (which is a bit embarrassing, really...) Can someone tell me how please? Many thanks.
  7. Nathan Barnes

    A2 TDI loss of boost

    I hope someone can help! Travelling home last night on the motorway, I lost all urgency and acceleration (like there was no boost). I pulled over and switched off. The problem went away for the rest of the journey (which was about 90 miles) The same thing has happened this morning, only this...
  8. Nathan Barnes

    Thermocouple adaptor for hybrid EGT

    Guys, been looking for an adaptor to fit a 1/8NPT thermocouple into the M12 x 1.0 pitch thread on a BBT K418T for a couple of weeks now with no results. I sent Dan at BBT a message but no reply... Anyone got any idea of where I can get one? It's the last job before I refit the engine.
  9. Nathan Barnes

    Turbo gaskets

    A quick question - I'm putting my APY engine back together (slowly!) but I'm having a mind blank...... I have all new OEM gaskets from the main dealer (I'm talking specifically about the metal gaskets for the braided oil feed pipe that connects the sump to the bottom of the turbo) - do I just...
  10. Nathan Barnes

    WMI nozzle placement

    I am planning to weld in the boss for my WMI nozzle where the "X" is marked. It is a couple of inches from the outlet of the IC facing straight down, perpendicular to the floor (the pipe is in exactly the same orientation in the photo as it is mounted on the car) . Does that look right? Someone...
  11. Nathan Barnes

    Welsh hybrid build - Like a phoenix?

    Having had my S3 for nearly a year now, I have read with interest the build treads that Tuffty, Prawn, Westy, Welly and so many others have been posting. I only began posting a few weeks ago (I have been a fervent lurker for quite a while, learning soooo much from the helpful info and tips that...
  12. Nathan Barnes

    Anything going on in the Wales region this year?

    As a former regional rep for Club GTI (many years ago now) I'm quite surprised that there isn't much posted on the Wales pages. Is there much of a "scene" here (monthly meetings, that kind of thing?) My car is once again off the road (!) - this time with terminal engine damage. Having a local...
  13. Nathan Barnes

    Help! I think my engine has died today.....

    All Had my APY engined S3 for nearly a year now. It has been faultless (so far). Starts first time, pulls strongly. Today, picked car up from where it was parked overnight. Warmed the engine for a few miles of gentle driving before boosting it......... Major misfire, loss of power then engine...
  14. Nathan Barnes

    Can anyone tell me what this does?

    In the boot, nearside corner. Its normally covered in a foam box shaped cover (in foreground of pic). Tried to find the description on Partsbase but I haven't a clue what it does or what category it is in! Anyone?
  15. Nathan Barnes

    Allroad air compressor

    How easy is it to change the compressor on an 02 Allroad? My compressor starts up every 60 seconds or so, and is making a very noticeable noise even inside the car. I'm guessing its on its way out and is having difficulty building up pressure??? The suspension will reach all 3 levels, no...
  16. Nathan Barnes

    Wanted : Info on Needle Lift Sensor

    Does anyone know where I can source a replacement Needle Lift Sensor for my AKE Allroad? My unit is showing Zero Ohms and a fault code 00542. I think the Bosch Part Number is 059130202f? A quick internet search sourced nothing in the UK. I'm not prepared to pay stealer prices (£322 plus vat!)...