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  1. roberto.

    Wanted 19" Peelers / Black Edition+ alloys

    As the title states, looking for the above 19". Open to a straight cash deal, or a trade for my 19" S4 Rotors. Thanks
  2. roberto.

    S4 CREC Engine Coolant / Waterpump

    Hi, looking for some help or opinions from those with S4s and have had water pumps or thermostats changed. I've got a very slow coolant leak currently, which nothing shows up during a pressure test on the system. I've currently got the charger off the car and it's still not obvious where it's...
  3. roberto.

    Audi Warranty

    Hi, Yes everyone's favorite subject, that will make people's blood boil at the thought of dealing with one. I'm looking at buying an S4 Avant B8.5. It's a 2015 so CREC engine, and would be private so no dealer fall back. Audi have quoted a fairly reasonable price for theirs, the question is...
  4. roberto.

    Wanted Wanted: S4 Avant B8.5

    I'm looking for a B8.5 S4 avant, not fussed on colour but certainly require super sports seats. Priced under 17k, closer to 16 ideally due to budget. If your thinking of selling, drop me a PM. I've sold my S3 so have money available. I'm based in the North East UK, would travel for the right...
  5. roberto.

    Sold 59' S3 8P DSG, Condor Grey

    Please see below for details, somehow managed to forget to post this on here, it is advertised elsewhere. Looking for £9,950 ONO. Car is located in the North East, UK (NE36 postcode). 2009/59 Plate Audi S3 for sale in Condor Grey, DSG gearbox with just over 88K miles, will go up slightly as its...
  6. roberto.

    Centre Section options

    Looking for some advice on my exhaust centre section. I currently have a Miltek back box on to the standard centre section. It's had an MOT today and has a slight leak at the flexi in the centre section, so this seems the perfect time to replace it for a stainless section. Is it best to...
  7. roberto.

    Rear S3 Badge

    Hi, Ive recently bought a facelift S3 (3 door), and the bootlid has had the S3 badge removed. Ive purchased a replacement to fit, but I cannot find any measurements of positioning info on the site. I have searched, however all the threads that mentioned it, the pictures no longer show up as...