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    Audi UK - TSB - Replacement of fuel delivery unit

    Just a heads up... Since 18th Jan 16 Audi UK has a field measure for replacement of the fuel delivery unit. This is action is 20V5 which is fully detailed here from the US which started the campaign in May 15...
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    Audi S3 8V - tuning options - some thoughts

    This thread is intended for those looking into tuning options for the S3, I am in no way linked to or endorsing any particular company or tuning method, just writing down some observations and thoughts. For the last few months I have been tracking the progress (or lack of) remaps for the S3 8v...
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    SuperChips EPC - S3 - 59bhp increase for £399 inc vat and install Seems yet another "tuning box" is out there now. 59 bhp increase for £399 inc vat and install seems pretty good. I believe there is a wiring loom that isn't shown in the pic similar to other tuning boxes and the epc...
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    A small mod to S3 standard wheels (C0Z)

    Made a minor mod to my S3 wheels. Wasn't too keen on the standard centre caps. Think it sets off nicely against the Brilliant Black paintwork. The centre caps I found were 55mm so required a small amount of Araldite/Isopon around the prongs to fit snugly. I couldn't find genuine ones in that...
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    Online Parts database (ETKA)

    I'm sure this has been posted elsewhere before, but it took me a while to find and might be useful to others. Fully up to date with part numbers, schematics and euro pricing.
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    S3 lowering - adjustable rear arms?

    I emailed a tuners local to me the following > I have an Audi S3 8v sportback and have some H&R lowering springs (20mm) that I would like to fit. What would the cost be for fitment? Are you able to do geometry or be able to recommend somewhere ? I got this as a reply > Have you fitted...
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    Spacers - S3 8v sportback

    I have just ordered the 20mm H&R lowering springs and want some spacers to complement. The general consensus seems to be 20mm spacers for the rears. What should I get for the fronts, 10, 12, 15mm, other?