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  1. SteveeeGee

    Q5 Q5 rear wiper judder

    Does anyone else’s rear wiper judder on their Q5 ( or Other Qcars) ? have you been able to fix it? How did you do it? Mine judders and skips over the screen all the time. Have tried cleaning it, lubricating the blade, checking the straightness, polishing the glass, nothing seems to work. Given...
  2. SteveeeGee

    SQ5 Recall Q5. 42L1 rear suspension nuts

    I’ve got a pop up in myAudi app about this, Googling it it seems it is a huge global recall affecting many Audi models. Something about swapping nuts and bolts on rear suspension arms as they might fail. Anyone else?
  3. SteveeeGee

    SQ5 Number plate mounting Q5 FY

    Have searched in the forum and online, but can't find the answer and before I pull the original number plates off, thought I'd ask here... I've got a 5 digit UK private plate to put on the car and I want to fit a new legal font, but short, plate - 355mm long, 111mm tall. Existing front plate...
  4. SteveeeGee

    SQ5 2020 SQ5 TDI - review at 2mths

    At 2 months in at just 900 miles, and as a 1st time Audi owner coming from Lexus and Alfa, I thought I'd post my thoughts on how the Audi and SQ5 experience is going - will be a long post...... A long time ago, when I was much more junior, I was taken out by a supplier in his V6 TDI A6...
  5. SteveeeGee

    SQ5 2020 SQ5, rear diffuser trim hole?

    1st of probably a few questions as I get used to the new car, on the rear bumper/diffuser trim, on the part that runs under the car in the centre, should it have a large rectangular hole in it as normal? car is a Vorsrpung edition, so has keyless entry and keyless boot opening, but I don’t have...
  6. SteveeeGee

    SQ5 New Owner SQ5 Vorsprung Ed TDI

    Hello all, just purchased a SQ5 Vorsprung Ed TDI in Navarre blue, first Audi, coming from a Alfa Stelvio. loving the car so far, definitely not as dynamic as the Alfa, but the overall comfort is much better and torque of the diesel is immense! So much to learn as the car; being a Vorsprung...
  7. SteveeeGee

    Hello - new SQ5 owner

    Hello all, have just bought a new SQ5 Vorsprung ed, replaced an Alfa Stelvio. First time Audi owner, but family members have had them for a while and are glad I've converted :icon thumright:. Still reading the manual and trying to understand what all the options and buttons are/do, thus may...