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  1. auzzam_crd

    Cup holder divider?

    Not missing anything other than the fold away semi circle bits. This shows you what the storage pack cupholders look like:
  2. auzzam_crd

    Considering a brand new S3 saloon...questions!

    If it's the same as the edition1 with the 19s, nothing to be worried about. You'll enjoy the reduced arch gap!
  3. auzzam_crd

    Audi Refuse Rejection Pt3

    Yep all they'll do is wash it and stick it back up for sale.. and hope the next guy won't complain
  4. auzzam_crd

    S Line Twin Leather Seats

    Exactly that, the middle insert is leather only - the outer surrounds are synthetic
  5. auzzam_crd

    So gutted!

    Ouch, glad you're okay. There's quite a few bits on eBay from a white car might be worth a look. I'm waiting on the plastic window trim and it's been over a month!
  6. auzzam_crd

    Black grill for S3 8Y - wrap

    Where abouts are you based bud? We usually wrap a full dechrome for £3-£400
  7. auzzam_crd

    A3 8Y Youtube Channel - For Current and Prospective Owners - CRD

    Agreed, never expected it to have it - but that didn't stop me pulling Audi's leg over it :) One day they'll learn not to be lazy with their website.
  8. auzzam_crd

    Mmi box

    I got YouTube working, but you can use the same app (AAA) to do Netflix etc too
  9. auzzam_crd

    A3 8Y Youtube Channel - For Current and Prospective Owners - CRD

    Thanks bud, seems much more handy than the simple latch release on the saloon! I also really like the little button on the inside of the sportback tailgate to close it.
  10. auzzam_crd

    A3 8Y Youtube Channel - For Current and Prospective Owners - CRD

    Keyless entry and power tailgate + £250 goodwill gesture from Audi!
  11. auzzam_crd

    Rear reversing camera

    Are your cars up to date? There was a software update that specifically mentioned the reverse camera
  12. auzzam_crd

    Some good discounts (if applicable for you)

    That's a package deal which gives you a discount on the c&s pack too, you can add on all the normal options later but these will not be discounted.
  13. auzzam_crd

    Some good discounts (if applicable for you)

    Yeah for me, the policy is under my name, but because I don't own the car I lost the ability to drive other cars on third party which often came in handy.
  14. auzzam_crd

    Some good discounts (if applicable for you)

    Not sure if it's the same, we had to put the A3 in my wife's name, which wasn't an issue as it is her car. However for insurance reasons I asked if I could have the car registered under my name but that was not allowed.
  15. auzzam_crd

    RS3 Configuration (lets see what you got then)

    Apparently only on the launch Edition, I'm sure they'll add it in the future. The options are surprisingly limited, but glad the rs exhaust is standard on the carbon and vorsprung (I had my suspicions as the black exhaust was on the images)
  16. auzzam_crd

    Some good discounts (if applicable for you)

    Hi all, Saw everyone mentioning in one of the other threads discounts were hard to come by on the new rs3. We purchased our new A3 vorsprung (and the edition1 before) from motorsource group who provide discounts for teachers and emergency service workers. You will see they can get almost £7k...
  17. auzzam_crd

    What do you like about your A3 8Y?

    My favourite things about the car: 1) meeting everyone virtually through here / YouTube! 2) the looks never grow old, especially with the Pano roof open on a nice sunny day 3) the interior, the fine Nappa seats in the vorsprung/s3 are lovely and fit nice alongside the other modern aspects...
  18. auzzam_crd

    General - fun trackday

    Here you go :)
  19. auzzam_crd


    P.s I would personally keep the silver on the Navara blue, really pops. The black I feel sometimes can get lost.
  20. auzzam_crd


    You can do it relatively easily without taking the bumper off, best way to do it is cut a piece of paper to fit and use as a template. Then trim the vinyl whilst it's on the car, never had an adhesion issue just make sure the surface is clean before sticking :)