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  1. marwayg

    Want an A5, but muddled on choice, help!!

    Hi guys... First off, i used to be part of the A3 section of ASN. Sold my last to A3's (3.2 V6, and 2.0 Tdi). Since then, ive had a company car (horrid 2011 toyota avensis!) But now ive changed jobs and I get £400 of car allowance to get my own car. Fuel is also paid for at a fixed rate of...
  2. marwayg

    Quick question...RNSE fitting

    Hi all, Got a friend with an Audi A3 2005... he has a single din unit at the moment, but has bought RNSE + Wires. So to fit, he would need a double din conversion. He is from london, and is willing to travel to get it fitted. Wondering if there is anybody around that can do it for him at a low...
  3. marwayg

    DIY - window tints

    Hi, has anybody ever tinted their back 3 windows (on a 3 door A3) by themselves?? I have bought tint rolls and i just have to put them on... any advice?
  4. marwayg

    Dear all A3/S3/ and very lucky RS3 owners.......

    Quick message..... Please scroll down...... :yahoo::yahoo::rockwoot::kissmyrings: MERRY CHRISTMAS :kissmyrings::rockwoot::yahoo::yahoo: Have a very good one, stay safe and have a very happy new year!! :D
  5. marwayg

    Replace Backbox for straight pipe + tips - for 2.0 TDi (140)

    Hi all, I know this may be a re-occuring thread, but Does anybody have any videos or audios of what their exhausts sound like after a back box removal and replaced with a straight pipe? Does it increase turbo noise? Any increase of turbo spool? and turbo dump noise (without a dump valve) Any...
  6. marwayg

    OEM S-line A3 Alloys - plastidip in gloss black?

    Hi all, What are your thoughts on a 2007 Lava grey S-line, if the original alloys are PlastiDip'd in gloss black? (would cost less than it would for the alloys to be wrapped + its a DIY job) These are the alloys i am on about...
  7. marwayg

    The modifications begin! (pics)

    So as i gave my introduction of the new car with mods i wanted to do, I have completed .. - front lights - interior lights - number plate lights HEADLIGHTS --------------------------- BEFORE .......... AFTER ............
  8. marwayg

    I think i'm getting 'turbo bark'

    New car 2007 2.0 Tdi (140)... I believe i am getting turbo bark when i accelerate harder in 2nd and 3rd. Not sure if it is a problem or not as some people call it bad for the turbo life and some call it a myth. It is not as bad (or loud) as you would expect, but i dont know whether it is going...
  9. marwayg

    My new car + my re-introduction

    Hello everyone, As you may know, i am a previous ASN member owning a 2003 A3 3.2 V6.... having had that for a year and struggling to sell it, i did so finally and bought the next car ! I am proud to say i bought another Audi A3 and cannot be happier with my purchase !! Just thought i'd start...
  10. marwayg

    have i done this properly? any interests also ?

    Hi all.... Just listed my car on Ebay. Hope i get a successful sale after a huge rewrite of it all... I would appreciate it if people could let others know if they know anybody interested And i would be grateful if you could comment here giving me feedback whether or not the listing has been...
  11. marwayg

    How many miles are you getting from a full tank? (a3 3.2 )

    Title says it all... I drive short distances on motorways 80% of the time... Normal driving i get: 250 approx I just used a whole tank dedicated on eco driving and got: 350miles!! :D what do you all get? :)
  12. marwayg

    chain belt help!

    Hi all, Got an audi a3 3.2 V6 for sale... its on 65K milage, but the dealer im speaking to is asking for proof of the chain timing belt having been done. He wants an invoice - otherwise he will charge me £350-400 on top of my part exchange. I bought the car last year september and the previous...
  13. marwayg

    Swap anybody??

    Hi, anybody interested in a swap for my black painted alloys x4 for the original silver ones??????? (no scratches or scuffs on them) If anybody is interested in a swap please let me know, as i will arrange meeting up and getting them swapped :) (would save you the cost of getting them...
  14. marwayg

    Why hasnt it sold ?

    Hi all, posted my car to sell on ebay, but ive been having trouble... had it as a classified ad for £5500 (best offer) for 28 days. It didnt sell even with 8 watchers and 1000+ views.... Now i put it as auction for 10 days and as £4600 start off price.... nobody has bid but i have 24 watchers...
  15. marwayg

    LPG Conversion - 3.2 v6

    I am interested in doing a LPG conversion on my 3.2 V6... has anybody done it? Few questions - - Cost? - Results? - Power changes? - all information about the conversion Cheers all !!
  16. marwayg

    time to say goodbye to my car 3.2 v6

    Im afraid, its time to say goodbye to my a3 3.2 V6 :( Im moving to a very exciting 2011 RS5 :D cannot wait!! but first need to sell car before the RS5 comes. just a little post to say how much im going to miss my 3.2. Audi : 2004 Audi A3 3.2 Litre V6 Quattro Sport - 5995 ono althoguh no...
  17. marwayg

    If anybody is interested in my 3.2 v6...

    CAR FOR SALE December 2004 Registration Audi a3 8p 3.2 Litre Quattro Sport V6 Semi Automatic - Flappy Paddles Serviced by Audi Garage 63k Mileage Lava Grey Not modifed apart from original Alloys proffesionally gloss black, and xenon conversion bulbs) £5400 (negotiable) I am based in...
  18. marwayg


    CAR FOR SALE December 2004 Registration Audi a3 8p 3.2 Litre Quattro Sport V6 Semi Automatic - Flappy Paddles Serviced by Audi Garage 63k Mileage Lava Grey Not modifed apart from original Alloys proffesionally gloss black, and xenon conversion bulbs) £5400 (negotiable) I am based in...
  19. marwayg

    3.2 Software update - help

    Hi all... I have read a couple of posts saying there is a software update for the 3.2 v6. I believe it corrects the random revving at idle, and at 2k revs...
  20. marwayg

    Free Mods ??

    Hi, Anybody know of any free mods to do on a a3 3.2 V6? Doesnt have to be performance mods! :arco: