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  1. Boydie

    Rear anti roll bar recommendations?

    It may help a bit but will just depend on your driving style, if you are tracking the car, etc... I had H&R on my S3 which did make a difference a long with an anti lift kit for the front. Check out for prices for bars
  2. Boydie

    A lesson in engine mounts / advise please

    I had Revo engine mounts in my S3 and I thought they were brilliant - engine noise changed and felt a lot more secure changing gear and putting the power back on Something I haven't considered yet in my 8V but never say never
  3. Boydie

    Mapped s3's what mileage are you on?

    My 2007 S3 was mapped from around 20k miles and I sold it at 87k miles with Revo Stage 2+ and 372bhp with no issues - driven daily, all over ireland and UK Bar the obvious clutch slip but thats part in parcel with tuning - replaced with organic sachs clutch
  4. Boydie

    Handling Mods - S3 8P 2009

    My 2007 S3 had: H&R Springs 20mm H&R front and rear ARBS Super Pro ALK Revo Engine and gear box mounts Handling was so much better especially after the ALK
  5. Boydie

    other VAG cars

    Fix that rear wiper :P
  6. Boydie

    CrypticS3 - An Audi misadventure

    Good thread and progress - loads to tinker with! Those rusty bolts in the engine bay would do my head in lol I replaced a lot of them in mine over the years of ownership I too bought a S4 avant after my S3 8P - nice trend lol
  7. Boydie

    Remap ?????

    Depends where you to and your budget but its a well tried out process with many companies carrying out remaps successfully Personally speaking, I am Revo through and through, mainly because they are the best locally to me. I had my 8P at stage 2+ for over 60k miles with no issues what so...
  8. Boydie

    Springs for S3

    Yeah just the front You do indeed, with the ALK and ARB's, understeer virtually disappeared for me - car handled brilliantly!
  9. Boydie

    Springs for S3

    Yeah sorry for the acronym! Correction though, I went super pro having checked and not whiteline! Lowers the car a further 10mm or so
  10. Boydie

    Springs for S3

    I had 20mm H&R Springs on my S3 and they were fantastic Coupled with H&R ARB's and WALK the car handled and looked great:
  11. Boydie

    Which s3 exhaust for best sound

    I had a full Miltek resonated exhaust on my S3 - I thought it sounded great even with the resonated section. I think if it was non-resonated it would be too boomy If you have gone to the lengths of having the car remapped and stage 1 tuned then you may as well get the right exhaust - nothing...
  12. Boydie


    If you can get a set of genuine S3 mirrors for £30, work away.
  13. Boydie

    Remap Advice

    Having a dyno run is not essential but I prefer getting them to see where the car has come from and what gains it has made - however, a dyno run is not a true reflection on the cars power, it will just show you an increase. You can go to one dyno and get a result and go to another a few hours...
  14. Boydie


    Its from my old S3 so its aluminium @ch1z64 I will get you the link
  15. Boydie


    Lol not a hope Only 2007 and very early 2008 mirrors will fit - the mirrors changed in 2008 to inlcude the indicator lights. They changed again in 2010 when the A3 shared the mirrors with the A5 I have a passenger side S3 wing mirror from my old 2007 for sale if you are interested?
  16. Boydie

    I'm Back - 2009 A3 S-Line SB BE 1.8TFSI

    Since I got my 8V S3, progress on my wifes A3 has been slow but getting there Managed to finally get my hands on a set of pedals after being scammed on here by a scumbag member - easily fitted, as usual the accelerator takes a bit of wiggling to release: Makes a nice difference to the...
  17. Boydie

    S3 style silver wing mirror covers

    Aluminium style wrap as well, i have been quoted £80 for the pair to be wrapped but ideally I would like OEM What year is your car? The style of wing mirrors changed over the years 2007 - 2008: no indicator slot 2008 - 2009 and 2010-2013: the ends are different - as far as I know, in 2010...
  18. Boydie

    best de-wiper blank? are by far the best. Their quality is superior to other brands. You get what you pay for.
  19. Boydie

    S3 wing mirrors

    A 2007 S3 wing mirror will fit 2004-2007 A3 Maybe some early 2008 - as long as the indicator is not in the wing mirror they will fit I have a passenger side one for sale, you just need to source the drivers side - pm if interested