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    Garage Envy Alert. Thinking about renting an indoor space for a day, to detail my car.

    Thinking about rented a indoor space for a day, just to detail my car. I want to spend a whole day polishing and detailing my car. Taking my time and not getting interrupted. Main reasons for this: 1. Mainly the weather. 2. My garage is not really big enough. More like a posh shed. 3...
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    Difference between Audi A4 2.0 tdi 150bhp and 2.0 tdi 190bhp - ECU Remap Stage 1

    Anyone know are these the same engines? The 2.0 tdi 150bhp and 2.0 tdi 190bhp Is it the same engine, just the 190bhp tuned up a bit more than the 150bhp? Like to know the 150bhp should have enough tolerance to be tuned up to 190bhp. I always wanted to have the 190bhp engine but had to...
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    Help Please Audi car alarm siren keeps going off randomly

    Looking for any helpful advice on what is causing the issue. I have exhausted my limited technical knowledge on this. Big Thanks.. Got that annoying fault, car alarm siren going off randomly all the time. Further investigation found car alarm horn H12 error. Did a bit of research and found...
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    Touchless Wash - Is this possible?

    Attempt to do a touchless wash and this failed miserably. Had to use a wash mitt, so not touchless. What are you doing.. Do you have any success with a touchless wash?
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    Detailing Surprises - What Products Have You Used That Produced Better Than Expected Results?

    What Products Have You Used That Produced Better Than Expected Results? Thought it would be good to read and see what products you have used which have surpass expectations.
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    Dings, Dents and Scratches to your beloved bodywork.

    Spot the ding I'm a big fan of extreme parking but no matter how often you park carefully you will eventually get dinged by something or someone. Just annoying when you look after your car. Not sure I can repair this one myself.
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    What do you do with stone chips? Show us your DIY before and after shots.

    Looking to see how people on here deal with stone chips. DIY jobbie, not chips away etc.. Noticed some new ones on mine and looking for any good tips to beat the chips.
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    Using the car DA polisher on granite surfaces. Anyone done this?

    Looking to improve the shine on my granite kitchen worktops. Has anybody used the car DA polisher for this? If so, what did you use to get that factory shine? Got a A4 piece of black granite ready to test on first before attempting the kitchen tops. Any recommendations welcome..
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    New fourth-generation Ford Focus ST Line - May tempt me away from Audi

    New fourth-generation Ford Focus ST Line. So far like the new look. May tempt me away from Audi
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    My Well Groomed A4

    The paintwork does not look to bad but not polished it since owning the car. So must be time.. Plan to attack this soon with this list: 1. Firstly give it a light degrease with BH Surfex 2. Wash with Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner 3. Clay with a G3 Pro Body Prep Clay Mitt...
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    Mutant Audi A4 B8.5 > What kind of sorcery is this?

    2014 B8.5 with some interior not seen before. Looks like a cross between a B8.5 and B9 Is this an import?
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    What’s the best way to clean Audi front grill?

    Find the black plastic surround the hardest to keep clean without taking loads of time. Any quick methods?
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    When will I ever afford to retire.

    How do I get a company 'money purchase scheme' to make a investment return of say 30K a year at 60? Without putting a ton of cash in each month! Just a bit annoyed this would be easier if we still had the 'final salary pensions' but you don't get them now if you moved jobs. No wonder we have...
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    This minor crash cost how much to repair!

    Did it really need a new door and 16 days in a body repair shop? Not forgetting like for like car hire, that bill only was £3,280 This was the damage. Hard to see from a distance but closer up it mostly on the passenger door and trim. Third party claim but no wonder our insurance...
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    Audi A4 Depreciation

    Just 3 years old with 28,500 miles and looks like this Be lucky to get £13,500. Have the used values tumbled for the A4? Seems a bit cheap.
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    Why do Detailing on an already excellent finish. Should Valeting be enough?

    Little puzzled here to why people pay £450+ to get it detailed on a finish that already looks stunning. Should polishing/waxing & washing regularly be enough to keep the paintwork looking in ‘like’ new condition.
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    Took 2.5 years but my car has lost its mint condition status

    Noticed today someone has caught my passenger side bumper trim. Here what she looked like only 5 days ago Today I found this, minor I know but l kept the car mint. Luckily no dint, just took the top layer off. Took 2.5 years since new but car lost its mint status.
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    How many times do you polish your car in a year?

    First polish of the year! so far.. My product of choice is Bilt Hamber double speed wax which I am on my third tub since using it on my car for over 2 years now and the shine is still showroom finish. I would say I polish about 7 times a year which gives a great mirrored shine and beads well...
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    Is it worth upgrading from a B8.5 to the B9 model

    Currently own a two and a half year old A4 B8.5 S Line. But I'm been looking at the A4 B9 and here the things I like: Interior with it's LEDs looks better More powerful 190BHP Diesel Engine Matrix Lights (sweeping) Virtual cockpit But not fully happy with the exterior design of the B9, much...
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    What the reason for 2 SD card slots? - MMI

    I use one for music which can hold a 64GB card, so why have two SD1 & SD2 slots?? What the reason for the 2 SD card slots?