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    Best options for Sat-Nav / VDU for 2004 A3 8P

    Hi all - done a bit searching but Im looking for advice on what I can retrofit to my 2004 A3 8P in terms of a decent VDU with Sat-Nav? All advice welcome. Thanks
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    V6 Grill size?

    Hi all, I'd like to replace the existing grill on my 2004 3.2 V6 with a black version as I've seen many others do. I recently ordered one but it doesnt fit so thats going back - it was advertised as 'not suitable for S-Lines', but although a Sport model as far as I'm aware my V6 isnt classed...
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    Parking light dash warning

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place to post this. Looking for some assistance please. I replaced my headlights at the weekend (bumper-off job, what a faff) and have now got a dash warning light for the left and right parking lights. The headlight units are very similar to the OEM units, I...
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    New member - A3 8P 3.2 V6

    Hi all, Just joined the forum after buying myself an A3 8P (2004) at the weekend. I was looking for something as a runaround, as the main family wagon (A6 Avant) is often in use or so full of kids **** that I cant stand to be in it! :whistle2: (slight exaggeration, but i like to keep my cars...