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  1. Shao_khan

    48hr Test Drives

    Be Carefull when you take one with Lexus folks - it seems that it is upsetting some well certainly one maindealer as folks appear to be using it as a free hire car :D Upset Lexus Dealer
  2. Shao_khan

    S3 Standard seat question

    I noticed that the driver seat when you tilt it for rear access - whenyou close the seat it slides back to the same position it was prior to tilt. My Passenger seat doesnt do this, it just slides back and forwards and doesnt 'remember' the original position. Should the passenger one do this or...
  3. Shao_khan

    Seat Wiring loom

    SO folks keep an eye on the seat wiring looms if you use your seat at its lowest height setting. Had to have mine fixed (Audi refuse to replace - quell suprise), basically some of the looms are a little long, they can catch on the seat runners and it severs the wires. Dealer adsvised they...
  4. Shao_khan

    Stealthy look - Grill question

    I quite like my cars to be unassuming and not screaming out to people - its one of the things I like about the S3. Decided to take note from a lot of German Ring Vets and take it a step further, I have A3 and 1.6FSi badges for the rear. I want to remove the S3 logo from the front. Does...
  5. Shao_khan


    Careful when leaving your S3 in the Sun - the gear knob top gets very hot :(
  6. Shao_khan

    Car advice

    Got a Futura Yellow 2.8 V6 Passat last October / november with 76000 (ish) recorded miles. Went to book it in for 80k service as advised and mate in the service department advises me that my car had an 80000 service in 2001 imagine my suprise - according to dialogue the car had covered over 78k...
  7. Shao_khan

    So what does it actually do

    I have seen loads of discussions on various Audi / VW forums about coil packs failing - what do these things actually do?
  8. Shao_khan

    Can anyone....

    Find me a cracked / hacked membership to this site:- Please do not view site if easily ofended - I needed to post link to enable people to research. Would love any asistance people can give....
  9. Shao_khan

    Racing Sim Forum

    My skill at racing sims is only matched by my driving skills with a real car - I am cr@p. Can we have Other games as well?
  10. Shao_khan

    Free SMS

    There used to be several sites around where you could SMS for free - I cant seem to find any now, can anyone recommend any?
  11. Shao_khan

    All manor of rubbish

    Hey you guys - this was my blatent post boosting attempt stop hijacking it