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  1. AlS3BE

    For Sale A3/s3 alloys 18s

    Got another set of alloys for sale. these were recently refurbished and only had tyres on it for a month. No kerb marks. I originally bought these to use as winter wheels but never got round to mounting tyres on them. I’ve got 2 sets of wheels at the moment so depending which one sells I will...
  2. AlS3BE

    For Sale A3/S3 8v wheels

    Looking to sell my genuine Audi winter set of wheels. Size 8x18 ET46 5x112 these were brand new when I got them and have only been on my car and used for 3 winters. Condition is very good with only a small nick in one of the wheels. Will be cleaned and sealed before sale. the tyres are Pirelli...
  3. AlS3BE

    Smart charging(not so smart)

    Quick questions for those with the skills. Currently not doing a huge amount of miles and the battery is hovering around 30-40% charge according to vcds and my mates battery tester. Battery tester says health of battery is 100%. even after an hour drive it’s not much more than 50%. the other...
  4. AlS3BE

    Marshmallow insurance

    Has anyone in here used marshmallow insurance before? They seem to have the cheapest quite with lowest excess.
  5. AlS3BE

    Black round things

    Here’s an odd ones for you guys. I’m looking at a set of tyres for my dads old toyota rav4 and there’s so much choice. OE tyre is a 4x4 type tyre but it’s wet performance is pretty poor and pretty noisy. firstly there’s seems to be SUV tyres, 4x4 tyres and normal car tyres that’s comes in...
  6. AlS3BE

    Odd behaviour

    So my car was serviced last week and I’ve noticed a few things. First time I noticed this was when the mrs took the car out to the shops and came back then I took the car out about an hour or so later and when I started the car a plume of white-grey smoke was coming out the exhaust. Goes away...
  7. AlS3BE

    MMI messages

    I’ve been getting this type of messages since I got the google maps update on my MMI and can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from. The MMI seems to have a ‘feeling’ where I need to go every odd time i get in and drive. Not sure where it figures out the data or places as when it pops up...
  8. AlS3BE

    Extended warranty

    Hi folks Just got this in an email and trying to see if this is a good deal. My car is almost 3 year old and running out of warranty on a couple of months. Decided to keep it a bit longer since it’s got very little miles due to covid. would be good to get your thoughts.
  9. AlS3BE

    Dashcam video editing

    Hi guys, Looking for some recommendation for dash cam video editing. I got a front and rear dashcam and it records a clip for front and back separately. is there any software/apps, ideally free, you guys use to join them so they are side by side or on top of each other while maintaining the...
  10. AlS3BE

    Parking cameras

    Had a **** of my mates q3 and saw this and was quite impressed. Is this possible with the 8v? What parts will be needed to get this. Cheers
  11. AlS3BE

    PCP finance

    Well this is a new one for me. Thought after all the PPI stuff coming to an end I will get less calls about **** in general but today got a call about missold pcp finance. Looks like these ppi lawyers are trying to pull the same stuff as ppi on pcp. Not even sure what they wanted but pretty...
  12. AlS3BE

    Spray waxes/drying aid

    This has been an interesting observation I’ve made recently. I live near building sites and the dust in the air around me is relatively bad. I’ve been mainly using turtle wax dry and shine, once a month or so, and noticed after a wash and dry the car gets a fine layer of dust sitting on mainly...
  13. AlS3BE

    Big thanks

    Big thanks to @DJAlix I got the software update for google earth and it stopped my reversing camera from working that Alex fitted a couple of years ago. A few text messages and all is good again. Considering the fact that this wasn’t his problem as the camera was fine since he fitted it he...
  14. AlS3BE

    The inevitable

    Well I think I have delayed it enough. So far I have managed to keep light scratches and swirls hidden with AG radiant wax but I think it’s time to machine polish the car. The ag has has been good but after a few washes the swirls and marks show back up Seems to be a bit of marring/hologram on...
  15. AlS3BE

    Roof rack

    Just a quick question for those who have them. I have a genuine Audi set of roof bars for my s3 and was wondering do I need to get the Audi cycle carriers to fit on them or something from Thule or Halfords will fit on them? Only asking as the Thule cycle carriers says they are designed for...
  16. AlS3BE

    Parking module error

    Car isn’t getting used much nowadays and got a low battery warning today so thought I plug it in and see if there’s any other faults and got this. 76 Parking Assistance System description: PDC 4 Kanal Software number: 5QA919283B Software version: 0044 Hardware number...
  17. AlS3BE

    Squeaky window seal

    Hi guys Looking for some recommendations. My rear passenger side window squeaks when going up or down. I have tried cleaning the window, cleaning the rubber with apc as best as I could and it still does it. Might go away after a while but comes back. Was thinking some grease on the rubber but...
  18. AlS3BE


    This is very interesting. Always thought a DA was idiot proof but it was the first to burn through paint.
  19. AlS3BE

    Car blowers

    Looking for a a blower to help dry the car after a wash. The little dribbles out the mirrors and door shuts are annoying. Hate getting back to the car after a wash/dry and loads of dribble marks all over the car. the s3 seems to have more wee crevices and places to hold dribbles of water than...
  20. AlS3BE