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  1. FBF01

    For Sale Forge Inlet Hard Pipe for Audi RS3 8V facelift

    As above. This is £178.49 new. £75 inc postage Via PayPal Very good condition. New car arrives end of the month hence sale. Some further info below. The Forge Motorsport high flow intake pipe for the Audi RS3 8V face lift and TTRS 8S, eliminates the highly restrictive plastic inlet pipe by...
  2. FBF01

    Q5 Q5 Sportback

    Placed an order the other day for the Q5 Sportback 45 TFSI S line, expected delivery of end of June. Mythos black, pan roof, Black nappa diamond stitched leather, 20” wheels and flat bottom steering wheel. PXing my RS3, offered 31k but WBAC and another independent offered me 33k. More than...
  3. FBF01

    Merc A45s...

    Finally some details. 50k and 421bhp from a 2 litre. Not for me! Looks like only the S will be available here in the UK also. Interesting to see how this performs once the reviews are out.
  4. FBF01

    Facelift S3 Sportback order

    I've been floating about for some time now, but the times finally come to look in to placing an order. Popping in tomorrow to speak to a salesman to discuss finances for an S3 S.B for March delivery. Golf 7R owner, and as much as I love the car, there are far too many on the road and the value...
  5. FBF01

    Hot Crazy Matrix - a man's guide to a woman

    The funniest thing I've sen for a while, might be old, but can't imagine many have seen it...or maybe they have. ****** hilarious
  6. FBF01

    Potential S3 order

    I currently drive a mk7 Golf R with 19" Pretorias, sunroof, Oettinger spoiler and DTUK box. Good car, but not great...only because I didn't spec dsg. I drive a lot, and the manual has just become tedious to me. Been kicking myself ever since collecting the R. Sent Edinburgh Audi an email for a...