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  1. yankov

    Facelift conversion (2008+) fenders/side wings fitting

    Hello guys. Im doing the facelift conversion of the front (bonnet, wings, bumper, radiator panel, headlights etc.) I removed the old side wings and tried to fit the new ones. But they have brackets - center, front and back. These brackets lift the side wing and did not aligne prorperly. So the...
  2. yankov

    Does anyone knows how to open LED headlight glass

    Hi guys, Does someone knows how to open/separate the plastic glass of the headlight (a3 2008+ LED DRL) like if you want to change it or else. Is it only by heating and then trying to separate, because i saw that there are 3 tiney like nails* going above the glass? Do i have to remove them...
  3. yankov

    Radiator slam panel - facelift (08+) differences

    Hi guys. I want to ask if there is a differences between petrol - diesel radiator slam panel that are equiped the facelift cars from 2008-2013. I have to buy one so i want to know if they are same on diesel and petrol cars and if someone has the part number to write it. Thanks in advance.
  4. yankov

    What kind of headlights corresonds to this part number

    Hello guys, Im going for a conversation from 2006 to a 2010 healights (LED DRL). I found headlights with this number: 8P0 941 003 BE 1EL 009 648-09 What means with this BE - are they mechanical or electrical regulated/adjusting? Tell me what you know about different types. My car is with...
  5. yankov

    Audi A3 8p - Driver Seat Leveling Problem

    Hi guys. I have an Audi a3 8p - 2006 3door version, and first i had some problems with the seat height adjustment handle like hard moving but now it broke. I can only adjust height in up position, but not down adjustment. I tried to move a little up and then down, but now i can't adjust it in...
  6. yankov

    Audi TT climate control unit into audi A3 - pics

    I've just fitted my new climate control unit from TT. If someone needs info i will tell that everything is replaceable but some cuts are needed in the center console and the unit angles. Im still waiting one guy to help me with making "panel"-cover, and because my concert 2 is from audi a3 8P i...
  7. yankov

    Cup holder for facelift a3 - can I use a4, or a3 8P?

    Hello guys. I want to ask you if anybody knows if i can use a cup holder from a4, 8P or else for my audi a3 2002 year. Because i can't find a cup holder for me but for the other models.Thanks
  8. yankov

    Air motor in the center console - climate control (Look PICTURE)

    Hello everybody, My car is a3 8L 1.9/110 2000 year. Im replacing the center console with the facelift one. Ive got an air con unit from the facelift but when i took out my old one i saw that there is something like a motor with a rubber pipe for taking air or something. So i saw that it might...