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    Brake pad + disc replacement - bolt torques

    Hi all I need to replace the brake pads and discs on my 2017 A3 (facelift, specs in signature). I have all the parts ready to go but was wondering if someone with the workshop manual could either post up the relevant diagrams, or let me know the required torque settings for the various bolts...
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    Crack in the windscreen :(

    A chip in my windscreen that has been there almost since the car was new suddenly decided it wanted to cause some trouble yesterday, and a crack appeared from it - about 20cm long. An additional pothole today made it a bit longer too (and punctured a front tyre... that's a whole different story...
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    Facelift DRLs

    Every now and then I see an A3 with only the top of the headlights lit for the DRLs, and not the sides/bottom section as it is in most FL A3s. Does anyone know why this is? What option / spec level determines this?
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    Android Auto to run all infotainment in next-gen Audis Interesting, wonder how this will turn out...
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    Connect Data usage

    I've noticed that the data usage on my FL car is WAY higher than on my PFL car. It's insane. I'm going to have to remove my SIM card and use the built in SIM because it's using so much, and do without the wifi hotspot. Anyone else had this issue? I can't understand why it's using so much more...
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    Facelift Google Earth with Traffic view

    In the PFL car's MMI, you were able to display traffic information overlaid onto the Google Earth view. I've noticed today that the facelift car doesn't give you the same option - it's just one or the other. Quite frustrating! I know the MMI is ported over from higher end models for the facelift...
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    Virtual Cockpit - Media Tab

    The media tab in my Virtual Cockpit never shows anything. The currently playing song title appears in the tab itself correctly, but the contents of the tab always say 'No entries to display' or some similar message. I have only once had it show the current 'playlist', but I'm not sure what was...
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    Removing rear of centre console

    Does anyone have any experience of removing the panel behind the front armrest, where the rear 12V socket (if present) and rear air vents are mounted? I'm really tempted to install a couple of USB ports into it for charging for the rear passengers using one of these...
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    OBD 11

    Got mine in the post today. It's a bit annoying that you have to pay 'credits' to use the apps, but it looks good so far. Guess I'll be clicking on 5 ads a day between now and when I get my car so I can build up the credits in time... The coding function is free to use, but I haven't looked at...
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    Facelift SIM Card

    Am I right in thinking that the Audi Connect system in the FL car uses an electronic SIM? Only I saw a review the other day where the MMI still looked like it had a SIM card slot, which confused me a bit. I was about to cancel the SIM card I use in my current PFL car in preparation, but if you...
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    Facelift ACC on Facelift car

    Hi all, Can anyone with ACC on a Facelift model confirm something for me? Is the menu in the MMI to set the default distance still required to be unlocked by a dealer? If so, is there anything in the manual about it? The PFL cars had a note in there saying that an Audi centre could unlock the...
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    S-Tronic Driving Tips

    I could have sworn there was a topic on this ages ago but can't for the life of me find it... feel free to link to it if you know where it is! My new A3 is now in the UK and on its way to the dealership, and I'll be picking it up on 1st March with any luck - need to wait until end of Feb to get...
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    Facelift Rear View Mirror Housing

    Hi all, Thinking about the dashcam setup for my new car when it arrives, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the mirror housing is any different between the PFL and FL cars? I think the mirror itself is frameless in the FL car, but is there any difference in the parts behind it? I'm...
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    Dashcam Recommendations

    I figured that when I get my new car in March, I'll also get myself a new dashcam to go with it - saves the hassle of extracting it all from the old car, but also good to keep the technology up to date. I currently have a Blackvue DR550GW-2CH, but there are some aspects about it I don't like. I...
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    Facelift New order!

    Placed an order last night for a facelift A3 to replace my current 8V. Spec is in my signature... looking at a March delivery hopefully!
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    Brake Pad Replacement

    My brake pad warning has come up after 42,000 miles or so, but I'm not paying Audi to do it - it's a simple enough job I can do myself. Just wondered if anyone here has done this yet themselves and have any info on what I should look out for? One thing that I have heard with cars with...
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    Best fuses for dashcam fitment?

    Hi all, Having installed my dashcam about 18 months ago, I STILL struggle to find a decent combination of fuses to power it off. I need one that is on permanently and one that is switched with ignition - but I'm completely unable to find a combination that does this. Currently I'm stuck with a...
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    Why do...

    ...people not put the subject of the thread in the ****** title?! I'd like to be able to see what the thread is about without having to click into it! I'm just going to ignore threads like this from now on! Rant over...
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    Wireless charging mod for armrest

    Has anyone thought about doing this, or actually done it? I'm very tempted to give it a go.
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    Pre-sense Front - Automatic Braking

    Well, the system has now been tested in my car and it certainly works! Though the thing that triggered it was a crisp packet in the road... It was exactly central, lined up with the radar sensor, and being blown along the lane as though it was a car in front, and I guess it must have been...