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  1. BBlackburn


    I had the FSI sport had all the extras possible including sat nav, sds, Bluetooth, mfsw, cc, auto light/ wipers BUT the engine just wasn't good enough underpowered when you needed it and not as good on fuel to say that it is the better option than a diesel and insurance group 11 for a 1.6...
  2. BBlackburn

    Rear window washer not squirting! Sportback

    Same happened to me think it cost about £8 or something for that tiny piece of plastic.
  3. BBlackburn

    Sline bumpers with grills and spoiler wanted!!!!!

    They are rare and sell for this price range quite often, if the spoiler is still fitted to an original tailgate it will have two bolts holding it on along with adhesive.
  4. BBlackburn

    Coilies fitted to the S-Line

    Wow before pic looks ridiculous when you see how it should be! Looks much better.
  5. BBlackburn

    My new s3

    Very nice subtle but stands out lovely car.
  6. BBlackburn

    s3 or R32

    I think it just depends if you want to mod your car remap, cold air intake and so on then the s3 is the one. If you want to just listen to the v6 soundtrack and enjoy then the r32 is definitely the one for you. I had to decide between an r32, s3 or golf mk5 GTI and considering I may have to...
  7. BBlackburn

    face lift audi 8p

    Ash that pic looks mean AMAZING!!
  8. BBlackburn

    Audi S3 vs Audi A3 S line/S-line vs VW Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf GTI Edition 30 ?!?

    Just to throw it out there not everyone's cup of tea but the seat leon cupra boasts 240bhp and 34mpg and only insurance group 17 same as the GTI but has more power than the edition 30.
  9. BBlackburn

    What is the worst mod you have ever seen

    Im open to offers pm me if interested.
  10. BBlackburn

    Aftermarket Audi Reverse parking sensors stopped working, help please?

    And if you can't get them sorted mate I have a brand new set of the aftermarket Audi ones on the bay at the moment with all cables and instructions only £50.
  11. BBlackburn

    First Audi

    A fellow Ben B lol nice to meet you and very nice Audi you have there I think the anthracite/ gun metal grey looks very nice against the ibis go for it.
  12. BBlackburn

    How cool is this.. PLASTI DIPPING YOUR CAR!!!

    I'm definitely going to jump on the wagon with this one got few bits in mind one thing though i was thinking about the inside plastic of my boot just the lower part few scratches would this come out okay or should I give that a miss? Any help or guidance appreciated guys.
  13. BBlackburn

    My Project Car - Loads of pics

    Very nice conversion there now just enjoy all your hard work about the rns-e though not sure if that will make much difference to thieves considering they will think you have an rs3 lol
  14. BBlackburn

    2006 A3 Tdi Fan problem

    I have a similar problem although mine has never flattened the battery just run after the engine is off for a while sometimes but they always go off eventually I also have the EML on which I think is related but that also goes on and off sometimes very strange.
  15. BBlackburn

    A3 8P S-Line Boot Spoiler

    I have one you can buy for £140 including postage off a 2007 s3 currently in ibis white and has the bolts cut off just needs a bit of adhesive and a respray. Pm me if your interested.
  16. BBlackburn

    Informing the insurance company about mods

    Agreed I just say mention everything I was surprised what they said didn't matter and what was chargeable in the end was really happy with what I had to pay to be safe, insured and legal and not have to worry about a crash.
  17. BBlackburn

    Informing the insurance company about mods

    I pay annually they are the cheapest for me on 99% of quotes I do on different cars, i believe all insurance companies charge interest for monthly instalments.
  18. BBlackburn

    Informing the insurance company about mods

    I told admiral my changes which included alloys front bumper conversion and spoiler only charged me £67 If I remember correctly the stereo didn't affect it (rns-e) nor did the steering wheel (fbmfsw) so don't be that worried and you need them insured because like you said don't want to waste all...
  19. BBlackburn

    Problem with road tax.....gotta go to court for 1 day late..HELP PLEASE

    I've done this and had no problem, even bought my 1er then drove it to college and got tax after that, they usually give you a couple of days grace guess you were just unlucky if you were stopped for no tax may have been a different story because you could have explained the situation.
  20. BBlackburn

    Torn between a scirocco and another A3 HELP

    Lovely car the roc id have one in a second probably would have one over my Audi but agree with what was mentioned that dash just makes my eyes water, why oh why they couldn't make that look half decent is beyond me. So my answer to my question is yes to the outside and inside just a massive NO...