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    How to change rear spring?

    So I have a broken rear coil spring, need to change it for MOT, been quoted £40 labour + the spring cost. I think this is something I am capable of doing myself with some guidance. My car is an S Line, can some one please link me to the correct spring for my car as I am having a little trouble...
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    ESP Fault see owners manual......

    So out of the blue I have just got the dreaded ESP Fault see owners manual...... No tell tale signs or indications that there is an issue with the ABS/ESP until this fault came up on the dash today, very strange. Anyway after reading the horror stories about the ABS pump I am worried. I will...
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    Need a scan in the Wiltshire/Hampshire area

    Hi I have an ESP fault see owners manual and the ESP warning light illuminated. I really could do with a quick scan before I go to the stealers, I am in Tidworth, willing to travel within reasonable distance. Can anyone please help?
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    Have I had my pants pulled down by Audi? Electric window fault....

    I was having intermittent one touch faults with my electric windows where the window would reopen by it's self after being one touched to close, this would then trip the other windows and cause all manner of carnage with the remote fob etc. So whilst getting the DSG service done I asked the...
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    Bored of my A3 Sportback!!!

    Not even had it a year and already am bored and looking for something else!! Had been thinking this for a while and the thoughts were compounded when I got an A5 Cabriolet as a courtesy car! Is it just a phase?!! :sos:
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    DSG and Longlife Servicing Questions

    Hey Folks - well bought my A3 just under a year ago and it was on 28k, the selling dealer serviced the car and it is on the Longlife regime, the book has two longlife stamps in the book, the car is now on 40k and is currently at Poole Audi getting the DSG Oil changed, they were great BTW, price...
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    Pioneer F900BT

    Guys I now have this unit back with me and have deided I am going to fit it into my A3, my question is will it work with the Bose system and what bits of kit do I need to buy to make it all work? Also when it was in my Golf in didn't sit flush in the dash, can I avoid this with the A3?
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    Got my windows tinted and regret it!!!

    Evening guys, I had my rear windows tinted yesterday and now I regret it! The film has not stuck over the dot matrix elements on the rear quarters and rear screen, it looks terrible. I have asked the guy if he can sort this issue out, if not then I want a refund. Can't see him giving me my...
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    Coolant warning on DIS

    Hi all, I picked my new car up on Saturday 170 Tdi, when I started the car from cold yesterday and this morning I got a coolant warning on the DIS, I have checked the coolant level and to me it seems fine, anyone clued up and the probable cause of this?
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    The eve of picking the new car up......

    So tomorrow morning I will go and pick up my 57 Plate Sportback, just one doubt in my mind, should I have stumped up the extra money and got a Facelift model.......
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    From VW Golf GTi to Audi A3 - A natural Progression?

    My old car..... :( It has served me well and is a beautiful car but there comes a time when you must move on! My new car..... :) It is a 57 plate 170 S-Line DSG with only 29k on the clock, the spec is Cruise, Bose, Full Leather and Heated Seats. I have a few mods planned and will update...
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    I need an Ashtray Cover and DSG Gear Surround in Brushed Alloy

    Hi, I am looking for the following; Ashtray Cover and DSG Gear Surround in Brushed Alloy, as the ones on my A3 have some strange looking marks on them and are making the car look unsightly :) Can someone please point me in the right direction? TIA
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    Hpi check - mileage discrepancy

    Evening all, well today I went to see an A3 Sportback that I want to buy at an independent VW/Audi dealer, I looked over the car, drove it and got a great deal on my car for PX. All well and good I agreed to buy it. Got home and just for peace of mind I did a HPI check, this through up one...
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    New member

    Hi everyone, just about to make the switch from VW to Audi, pick the new car up a week today, it's a A3 Sportback S-Line TDi 170. Joined here to gain insight and advice on Audi ownership! Thanks for having me!