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    Audi a5 xenon and led tails retrofit

    Hi, I'm after someone to do a retrofit on my car, i want to install xenon headlights and rear led tail lights. I do know that the rear ones is simple wiring and coding, but apparently the front ones are a little bit more complicated. Is there anyone in london available to do this on my car? If...
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    Wanted S line springs Audi a4 b8.5

    Hi guys, after changing 3 times my springs i have enough of this and want to install original second hand if someone here have a set to sell. Or only the front ones i will accept also. I'm after s line springs for an audi a4 2013. Anyone? Thanks in advance
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    Retrofit audi a4 b8.5 sline steering wheel on a non sline b8.5

    Hi guys So i search all the internet(i think lol) and couldn't find a post for b8.5 for the steering wheel retrofit/swap. My car is not an sline and i want to retrofit the sline round one. I do know we have to buy a steering wheel with the mode button and i have already. But i can't find...
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    Audi a4 b8.5 led taillights conversion/retrofit

    Hi guys, after checking all the internet i can't find someone that already did this conversion on a audi a4 b8.5 saloon. Is there any cables we can buy to plug and play and do the coding, without having to do wiring? I also checked on eBay and contacted many suppliers and no one have cables...
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    Audi a4 b8.5 shock absorbers thought/problem

    Hi guys i need some help to know what to do with my suspension. I notice my car is a little bit lower in one side so i went and check the suspension(after changing the 4 springs). As you can see in the pictures the shock absorbers are different. problem is i can't see the reference on the one...
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    Audi a4 b8.5 lowering springs help or possibly swap

    Hi guys, I have an audi a4 technik that comes with sport suspension, i was not happy with the height of the car so i decided to buy lowering springs from eurocarparts and get them installed 2 weeks a go. I bought the apex set lowering in 30mm. I bought this 3 weeks a go and now that they settled...
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    Retrofit Audi a1 sline steering wheel On audi a4 b8.5

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an audi a1 steering wheel to fit on my audi a4 b8.5. My question is if for being from an audi a1 they are smaller then a steering from audi a3 or a4. The seller says the sline steering are all the same size and they will fit on my car, but i would like a second opinion...
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    Retrofit sline bumper on a non sline audi b8.5

    Hi guys I want to know if is possible to buy an original sline bumper from an audi b8.5 and install on a audi b8.5 non sline. Is there any changes we need to do or is just replace one from another? Are the foglights the same? Are the fixings the same? Did everyone ever done it? I did a lot of...
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    Audi B8.5 aftermarket plug and play xenon headlights

    Hi guys I'm searching for xenon headlights for my car, Problem is i have an audi a4 b8.5 and i couldn't find any for my car. I find on eBay for the b8 version but not for b8.5. Any ideas where i can search? Or did someone here made the conversion successfully from halogen to xenon with original...