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    concert ii to symphony ii

    Hi guys, looking for some advice guys, ive searched and not found the exact info i here goes! My dads just bought an b6 a4 with a concert 11 headunit, ...hes just bought off ebay a symphony ii headunit from an o4 a4 but what exactly does he need to change for it to fit properly...

    train horn on a car vid

    ...sorry it made my belly hurt from laughing so much... web page web page2

    widebodied A3!

    just found this while searching the net, kinda looks ok from the back, not sure on the rest though...

    gollardo alloys?

    well saw that you can get them for the new a3....but thought id do a photochop for the s3....umm

    s3 with bbs ch's anyone?

    as the title goes any one with a black s3 with bbs ch's at all? getting itchy feet again.

    my s3!!

    thought its time i should post some pics!!...sorry im going overboard,...well it is new! im in lurrrrrrvvveeee!!

    need pics of your clean motas!

    over here!..its looking rather bland!

    3 stage havin probs with the polish and wax....dunno if its me cos im downright stoopid or sommit but im finding it really hard to get a good finish useing the stuff.......i keep getting swirls and streaks from the greasy finish......can you tell me how to use this stuff...
  9. CARACTERE007 for cleaning nuts!!

    fellow dudes,......whiile passsing hours and hours away on the net of filth...i manged to come across this site!!!...and guess what...(no its not porn) for cleaning nuts!!.....a bit like myself!...its got loads of products etc.for ya motor..and also has a forum thingy ...damn i...
  10. CARACTERE007

    s3 wallaper!!!

    im bored so ive just done one!....err mick ive used your car again!.....ummm starting to like all this manga stuff now as well....anyway bored bored bored
  11. CARACTERE007

    needs for speed hot pursuit 2

    ****** hell im addicted...! enough money to get the murcielago!!...wicked this thing! its uncontrolable ****** are lovely on the xbox......i want that merc clk gtr thats quick! :dancing:
  12. CARACTERE007

    segat gt 2002

    wicked got my noggy blueish s3 to 307 BHP!!...whoo hoo!!.....still getting beaten at the drag strip by that crappy charger,..anyway got a clio v6 with 363 hp as well....and im beat'n em all! lkittle bro has got a merc 500 with 500+ so funny.....
  13. CARACTERE007

    time for a new post lol!!!

    umm i really do like the rear spoiler on the a2, sure it would look nice on a a3....umm am i turning into mr max power?...damn sure it would look nice!
  14. CARACTERE007


    did someone say they wanted a redesign? sure i read it somewhere...anyway ive had a 1st attempt....more tome come me thinks!
  15. CARACTERE007

    cd text?

    just wondering if its only CDs that you copy that will allow you to put cd text on,...most of the cds i have dont have a cd text function encoded which is a pain in the ***,.....
  16. CARACTERE007

    worst game on the xbox?

    ok so far it has to be david bechkahm soccer,....its a bag of wonder it was on sale for £20!!..that'll teach me,..gonna trade the ****** in. :(
  17. CARACTERE007

    the instant greamlins dont work in the footy forum

    yup those funny icon things dont work in the footy forum,,...oh by the way are you guys gonna have those gif based greamlins that move?...they were ace!
  18. CARACTERE007


    are you gus gonna make some more stickers...cos i want one like yesterday! glad to have you back!