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  1. Brian Leslie

    My Audi APP

    Anyone know if Audi are working on the App? Last 24 hours or so the App will not connect to my the car when I try. I can still add addresses to the App but no updates on the vehicles status such as fuel or mileage. Come up with the following message after trying to connect. Error E:VSR.PA.1...
  2. Brian Leslie

    Bag Hooks

    Anyone else with the saloon picked up these bag hooks from Audi/VW? They fit various models by the look of it but they stop things rolling around and out of bags. There is two slots on each side and they just slip in and then click in place. Bought off eBay. Not cheap (£17) but they seem to be...
  3. Brian Leslie

    Audi Ring Puddle lights

    Anyone know if the Audi ring puddle lights are standard? Picked my new S-Line up today and was surprised to see that they were installed on the front doors of my car. Not complaining just didn’t think they were standard and certainly wasn’t mentioning it to the salesman.
  4. Brian Leslie

    New A3 owner (soon hopefully)

    Should be the proud owner of an A3 s-line (comfort & sound) 1.5 DSG Saloon in the next couple of weeks. This will be the first Audi I have owned. Car is sat at dealers as DVLA are taking their time returning my personal plate certificate and the V5 for my Jaguar XE which I’m trading in.
  5. Brian Leslie


    Can any 8Y saloon owner give me the measurements between the hooks in the boot that you’d attach a cargo net to. Got my eye on a cargo net and wanted to make sure it fitted.
  6. Brian Leslie

    8Y Saloon Boot Liner

    Anyone sourced an after market bootliner for the 8Y saloon? Don’t fancy paying dealership prices for an Audi branded one. Just need something to keep the carpet clean from walking boots and potential shopping spills.
  7. Brian Leslie

    Extended Ambient Lighting

    Anyone owners tell me what the differences are between the standard LED interior lighting and the extended ambient lighting?
  8. Brian Leslie

    Audi Configurator

    Anyone been on the Audi A3 configurator recently? I was on today and the petrol 35 TFSI seems to have gone from the options. I’m guessing this is a mistake/update on the system as I doubt that engine has been done away with.