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  1. hotrod99

    RS3 Slot - UP FOR GRABS!

    Gents, Not interested in making any money but just wish to re-coupe my deposit that has been paid as circumstances have now changed. PM me for details if interested.
  2. hotrod99

    Tracker - which one?

    Firstly apologies if this has been posted in the wrong place. I will need to get a tracker fitted on the new motor. Does anybody have any suggestion or advice on which tracker to go for? I'm not an existing tracker customer however i hear Audi use Cobra. The dealer is charging around £599...
  3. hotrod99

    RS3 Video Footage - Monaco

    YouTube - Audi RS3 - Powerful driving in Monaco (Official)
  4. hotrod99

    What colour is this...?

    Difficult to tell, but is this Ibis or Suzuka? Audi RS3 (2011 onwards) -  Car Reviews - MSN Cars UK
  5. hotrod99

    RS3 Delivery Times

    For those of you who have ordered, can you advise when you placed your order and what lead time you have been quoted for delivery. I'm beginning to think i'm being messed about as i can't seem to get a straight answer from my dealer. Granted production has not started but having heard from...
  6. hotrod99

    TTRS Run-in period

    Does anyone know if the 5cyl/2.5L has a run in period from new. The dealer seems to think not but wondering whether anybody knows any different. I would have thought these cars would be ready to go straight from the showroom.
  7. hotrod99

    RS3 Colour Question

    RS3 Colour Question Gents, Just want some quick feedback. RS3 is on order but debating the choice of colour now having seen some pics of the press car. I ordered Daytona Grey which on the test car doesnt look all that great and i dont think the RS3 can pull that colour off like the TTRS or...
  8. hotrod99

    2010 S3 - Just a few questions...

    Hi Guys, Hope some of you fellow A3/S3 owners can help with two questions:- 1) I have noticed that the driver side window does not open/close fully with the one touch function i.e first touch opens the to desired position and the second touch opens the window fully. The passenger side works...
  9. hotrod99

    Rubber Mats

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some rubber mates for my S3 (2010). I've found some on ebay that say they are custom fit for the S3 2005 onwards. Having asked the seller, he again is not sure and believes they should fit...
  10. hotrod99

    New User, NEW S3 ;-)

    Hi guys Just wanted to introduce myself as a new user here on the Forum. I pick up my brand new S3 on Feb 6th. Just wanted some help from some of you more experienced owners who might be able to answer the following questions:- 1) What is the run period on a new S3. Is the run period...