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  1. redspudder

    Hello from new A6 owner

    Evening all, Recently taken delivery of A6 Avant Black Edition Multitronic Daytona grey, after 1 week of ownership cant keep the smile off my face.I have owned x2 A4's in the last 5years and loved them both. Looking to upgrade the internal lighting to LED any links to threads/how to guides...
  2. redspudder

    Bye Bye A4 hello A6 :-)

    Just a quick post to say adios amigos! Having owned an A4 saloon and then avant black edition in the last 5years it is time to move on, I have loved both my B8's but once I had taken the A6 out I was hooked I picked it up last week, so long fella's take care and enjoy those B8's they have a lot...
  3. redspudder

    New Tyres

    Evening all Tried searching the forum but struggling to find threads, I am needing x2 new front tyres on my Avant BE (235/35/19), I currently have Contisport contacts on but have only seen around 8K miles from them, I am looking for something that will give longer life, I am looking at Dunlop...
  4. redspudder

    Cracked MMI

    I noticed a couple of months back that my dash board starting flashing randomly.This happened around the speedo and ref counter at various locations.I had the car into my local dealer last week who fitted and new set of clocks under warranty. At about the same time i noticed that the MMI had a...
  5. redspudder

    Bye Bye saloon hello Avant

    I have recently changed my pride and joy A4 Misano red 143 saloon,the boot had become to impracticle.After months of thinking and almost buying an Octavia VRS i decided to go with the Avant.The new car is a 2012 Black edition 170 and my god it shifts compared to the old 143 saloon.I have a...
  6. redspudder

    Thinking of selling the Audi for a Octavia VRS

    As per title but i just dont know if i can do it.I love my B8 but recently it has become a little impracticle due to the size of the boot.We are going on holiday next month so we got the cases out of the loft to try in the boot and i could only fit x2 caeses in the boot with barely any space...
  7. redspudder

    Any JD discount codes?

    Hi Jen Looking at placing my first order with yourselves just wondering if there is any discount codes ASN members can use? Thanks Andy
  8. redspudder

    Recall on boot lid lights seal

    I had my car in the dealers today for aircon fault,whilst i was booking it in they told me there is a recall on the rear boot lid lights,there is a problem with the cluster seal letting in water so a recall has been placed to fit new improved seals,not sure how long this recall has been active...
  9. redspudder

    Aircon not working A4 B8

    With the recent hot weather i decided to switch my aircon on,on Monday the light illuminated when i pressed the switch but the air didnt get any colder stayed the same as when the button was off and the temp turned to cold(LO).I have not used the car a great deal since October due to me...
  10. redspudder

    Aircon not working

    With the recent hot weather i decided to switch my aircon on,on Monday the light illuminated when i pressed the switch but the air didnt get any colder stayed the same as when the button was off and the temp turned to cold(LO).I have not used the car a great deal since October due to me...
  11. redspudder

    AMI Not working?

    I unplugged my ipod from the AMI last night to update the ipod. I plugged back into the AMI after i had finished.This morning i was listening to music via the sd card and decided to switch to the ipod.I pressed the source button and the AMI selection is not higlighted it is greyed out as if i...
  12. redspudder

    Window tinting Dot MAtrix?

    Hi all Just looking for some info/help,im seriously considering having the rear windows in my car tinted(medium tint/factory colour)I am concerned about the dot matrix on the rear window and small quarter panels just wondered if there are any pictures and anyone with experience of this how does...
  13. redspudder

    Service Interval problem

    My car is currently showing as per below,it is all over the place with dates and mileage im just not sure what is going on? I had problems with it beeing reset incorrectly after my first service and now it is almost due it is showing like this?Surely they should both be showing the same??
  14. redspudder

    Curbed Alloy wheel :-(

    I caught my rear wheel on a curb this morning im gutted. I have it booked it at my local dealer £75 for repair which i didnt think was to bad ill see how the repair goes.
  15. redspudder

    A4 wearing Swissvax shield

    Here are a few pictures from todays detail,just got a tester pot of swissvax shield and this is the results so far very impressed with SV easy on and easy off and nice gloss would i pay £105 for it im not so sure.
  16. redspudder

    New Tyres

    I am coming up to needing some new tyres.I have rang round for some prices and i spoke to a guy in my local tyre centre and he tells me i need Audi fitment tyres otherwise i will viod my warranty im thinking hes just trying to have my eyes out.He told me there is a marking on the tyres AO and...
  17. redspudder

    Air Con Smell

    I noticed the other day my air con is starting to smell,the description i have of the smell is sick or sweaty feet if that makes sense.Now ive not used it over the winter and with the recent warm weather i've started using it again could the filter need changing?I would'nt expect this smell from...
  18. redspudder

    Lamp Malfunction warning light

    Hi All When i started the car this morning i got a warning light on the Dash saying lamp malfunction and the lamp with a cross through it symbol,i got out and checked my lights and all seemed fine?i have never had this light on before even when i changed my number plate lamps for LED,(when i...
  19. redspudder

    Headlight washers.

    Has anyone had a problem with the square cut outs stopping open? I have not moved the car for a few daysdue to the snow,i was just outside clearing the drive when i noticed the front square cut outs that open to allow the washer jets to come out of,the drivers side is open and i can pull it down...
  20. redspudder

    Got this message on DIS when i start and stop the engine

    The message below has started coming up on the DIS on my dashboard,it comes on when i start the car and when i stop it(remove key) i have never had it on before until i started the car this afternoon.I have had the "service due indicator" on the DIS in the past when the car was due its service a...